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Scientific Experiment #4


DOL Out?  

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No not at all. I have always said out out out as soon as possible. Its just the definition of when is "possible" or "practical" that causes an issue for some.

Its the "now's not the right time" argument I have a problem with as people say that but what they really mean is there will never be a right time.

But you see my stance on DOL is a perfect example of people not reading what I have written and just believing what they want.

I do not believe that DOL is the right manager for us. I believe he should go.

Those that say that now is not the right time sort of say that they do believe he is the right manager for us, as far as I am concerned.

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Whats also a suprise is you have returned so quickly from your self imposed exile.

Well as you asked me to return, both publically and privately, I thought it would be a shame to disappoint you.

Can you just clarify your stance again for me?

You said that DOL was not the right man for us but should be kept on until the end of his contract. Is that still the case?

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ladies please..........

anyway Richard, you see thats where things probably get very messy because thats not ow most have interpreted your posts of recent months. When I argued about DOL being kept on because it didnt make sense to sack him now, you seemed to disagree. But if thats what you are saying now, OK.

Changing your mind is a good thing, its a bloke thing

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Sorry does that answer my question? Or is it just a PFE?
FFS Richard dont start that again. There is a lot of posts from nearly all posters (including you and maybe me) that can be misconstrued as PFE. Its not really that different as trying to put some clever comment in about how often teams have beaten us now is it?

Why not all stop that crap and get on with enjoying AVFC

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I suggest you READ my post again Ian.

people who say now is not the right time do not accept that there will ever be a right time. If he is not the right manager at some ficticious point in the future then he is not the right manager now surely?

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Out as soon as is practical

Richard - sorry another perfect example of what I was talking about.

Read the above quote and it does not say out now, now does it? You cant say that and then say read my post.

So you are firmly still in the DOL out 2/2/2006 camp? Not a loaded question, its just that Im getting slightly confused as to hidden meanings etc.

Again if thats your stance then so be it. I'd be interested to see why you still think it would be good for AVFC, but thats why I started that other thread

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