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Scientific Experiment #4


DOL Out?  

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Goodness me, this has got a bit out of control.

The idea behind this poll isn't for people to get bitchy about it, that's why I pointed out that if you didn't want to reveal how you voted, you don't have to. Nor is this a way of pointing out to people that they were 'wrong' when DOL does something good (like winning a Cup), or conversely leaves the club for some reason.

So I'll ask you all to take a deep breath. If any of you don't like how you're being treated by anyone on this site, be it a mod or anyone else, then send a PM to one of us, or email us. We've all got VT email addresses, just put our username before @villatalk.com and it'll reach us.

So, I won't lock this because I'd like my latest set of results to have more than 5 votes. But just settle down a touch.

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I don't like these threads. Whatever "science" they are based on is fundamentally flawed, in that the same people aren't going to be voting each time. You might as well spare us the tedium of it all and go straight to the "Villa fans are fickle" thread I've no doubt is planned....

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