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VillaTalk XI - Straight fight for Right Midfield


Merse or Nobby  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Merse or Nobby

    • Paul 'Magic Man' Merson
    • Nolberto 'Nobby by name....' Solano

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ok ok after immense pressure, some would say a vendetta, but what the hell.

I looked back at a couple of the season reviews and I concede that I should have put Merse in.

BUT he was most influential on the right side, so now for the final place in the side there is a straight fight between

Current Fav: Nobby

Walsall Manager: Merse

Up to you guys

open for 2 days

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Didnt Merson play when we played 3 in CM along with Taylor and Boateng, thought he played more in the hole behind the front two to be honest.

to be honest so did I and out of that era I aint upsetting a vote with IT in it ;-)

it's only a game.......

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so what......

on the right of your arse would be on the Trinity Road.... outside the ground

Where would that put yours then?! Somewhere around Spaghetti Junction?! :D

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hmmmm this is a toughy - both are/were great players for us. Both have scored some amazing goals and dazzled us with skill and a sublime range of passing

I'll have to go for Merse though - he drinks, he gambles and he's still got it! (hopefully not tonight though when we meet at the Bescott!)

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I go for Nobby 'cause I think Merse was on his best in the centre. I liked him there but he wasn't bad at the right either. Still I think Nobby is the better. On the right.

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