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Team for Cup Final


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Given Dean's post match comment about players playing themselves out of the team who would you pick. I would love to see wholesale changes and blood some kids but that wont help them in the slightest so I hope he puts out roughly the same team and challenge them to perform or feel the pain of a final defeat. Tough call.

My Team would be:


Elmo              Engels              Mings           Targett

                       Drinkwater   Nakamba

       Luiz                Grealish                Hourihane


subs: Nyland, Konza, AEG, Guilbert, Hause, Vassilev,Taylor


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Whats sad is I can;t even get excited about this anymore.

Whats more is that I am actually heading to Jamaica (Via London), from Qatar for a funeral on the 3rd of March, have been actively trying to manipulate my plans to travel to Wembley somehow, switching London flight to the be there for the first 1st to somehow experience Cup final with Man City supporting mate.

Now don't think I can bother with the embarrassment.

Will the players even turn up?

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Interesting comments from the manager.

Think Hourihane will start but kind of defeats things if he just comes in for Luiz or Nakamba as we'll just be easily bypassed with two in CM like we were at VP.

More left field option but probably sensible pick would be AEM on the right of midfield. Can help out Freddie and also will whip in a decent cross or two at some stage of the game.

At least Drinkwater is cup tied so that's one positive.

I think this will be as bad if not worse than Arsenal cup final so really think it's a case of chairs on Titanic type selections. Don't have much hope whatever 11 we put out there. 12 or 13 players would be better!

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