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  1. This for me is the one area that I blame Smith for, without a doubt. Luiz, Nakamba and Hourihane are far better options. Smith seems to believe that if we play him enough, it's worth the initial hit we'll take, as he'll get close to his 2015 form. He's costing us time and time again, and Smith appears to be quite stubborn on this, which I have to say is out of character. It was a punt, it hasn't paid off, it's time to accept that and not have him as first name on the teamsheet after Jack...
  2. We should survive if we can beat Southampton (A), Sheff U (H), Newcastle (A) and Palace (H), as well as picking up a couple of draws against either United, Wolves, Leicester, Everton or Arsenal. It's a massive ask, and something has to change in the way we defend. What value is Terry bringing as AC? We can't keep freaking out and inviting pressure for the last 15 minutes, that has come back to bite us time and time again. We can't keep panicking when we are closed down by the opposition. We can't keep giving the ball away in our own half, and we certainly should give up on this weird experiment of playing Drinkwater in the hope he gets match fit and winds the clock back five years. The problem is that probably none of our CBs are quite good enough at this level other than Mings. Konsa will be one day but still makes a lot of mistakes. It could as easily have been Konsa giving away that goal as Engels. If, IF, Grealish and Mings are fit for the rest of the season, and McGinn returns and is in his best form, we could do it. I'm naturally a pessimist as my posting history will tell you. I can't help it. I just wish that being a pessimist didn't also make me a realist, but it has. One things for sure, we need the fans behind us for those crucial home games. We really can be the 12th man.
  3. What did the ref do wrong? I voted average as I'd say all in all he didn't get much wrong. Aurier probably should've been booked. It feels like we are using the ref as an excuse to cover up that shocking defensive display.
  4. How utterly predictable. Our defence will send us down.
  5. I dont think it's worth sitting around debating whether it was a penalty. He knocked a quick player going at full speed off his stride before touching the ball. We'd be up in arms if the teams were reversed and we didnt get that. Plus, we shouldn't let our defence off that easily. They're dragging us down game after game. Whether it's Vardy, Deeney, Wilson or Son, it seems there is no style of forward we can deal with.
  6. Well yeah. Let's be honest, we may like some of our defenders individually, but as a unit they are the worst in the league. This is why we will go down.
  7. Yep and also why we have one point from the traditional "big six", most of whom aren't all that anymore. Compared to any other team in the league, we give them double the chances
  8. Stonewall penalty. No complaints from me about VAR. What I will complain about is the appalling F up from Luiz, our crap defending throughout the game and our bad luck. Sigh.
  9. Totally agree. Minus Liverpool and to some extent City, the "big six" is all over the place. There were far too many excuses when we threw away a lead to lose against ten man Arsenal. Arsenal are awful and look more like going down than making the top six. Of course losing to better teams doesn't define your season, but you need to pick up the odd win against them here and there. Our records against both the "big six", and the current top 11, are terrible, worst in the league. We need to find a way to beat these teams after losing twice to Bournemouth, and to Watford, Southampton and Palace.
  10. I think I would've preferred Benteke, Slimani or Sturridge, I presume signing any of those three was not possible. This seems as random as Tom Carroll. Who of course also came from Swansea!
  11. My sincere apologies. Just slinking off to eat my hat. Never been more delighted to be wrong with my dramatic reactions!
  12. Massive win. I gave up at HT and need to learn to control my emotions more effectively! We are still not good enough but what a win. PS what’s the score Deeney?
  13. We haven’t looked like scoring, and have no premier league quality players to bring on. This will not happen - it will end up being damage control and we definitely won’t score, except maybe with one moment of magic from Grealish. You can quote me on this after the game.
  14. We’ve used up all our easy games and fecked them all up. Does anyone really think now we have the most difficult teams for the rest of the season we’ll start picking up wins? Embarrassing in the final third. Drinkwater taking up a loan slot and being played is 100% on Deano. We are going down, fast, in 19th.
  15. Trezeguet good. Everyone else appalling. Smith with a lot to think about- Reina and Drinkwater are wastes of our two loan slots. We shouldn't sign any players for big wages that'll cause us FFP issues in the Championship.
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