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  1. Seriously that banner....WTF? You can see most of their faces clear as day. If SHA ignore this and sweep it under the rug to try and “move on”, then their previous words mean nothing. More Lifetime bans, surely?
  2. Great performance. Need to win all our games up to the final two to have half a chance of scraping sixth. But nice that we can talk about it as a very outside chance again! Lolley is great - would have him at Villa if/when McGinn goes.
  3. Never ever going to happen. We were excellent today, but Derby were also terrible, and we have no history of consistency over 10+ games at this level. Plus no Elphick now which means Taylor...
  4. Kalinic Elmo Elphick Mings Hause Whelan Grealish Bjarnason Kodajia Abraham El Ghazi
  5. He's a better option than Elmohamady. Who is our only other choice at RB. So this is a big blow.
  6. It feels like every summer is an 'overhaul' summer. But the truth is, we are going to have to keep some of the mediocre players. We'll lose Tammy, El Ghazi and Tuanzebe, as well as Grealish and possibly McGinn. We'll clearly rid ourselves of some of the ageing high earners (Whelan, Jedinak, Hutton etc) as well as the likes of Richards and McCormack. My question is, aside from Grealish and McGinn, who do we really want to keep who is currently a Villa player not on loan? I'd say Green, Chester, Kodjia, maybe Hourihane and Bjarnason. But there's not many. My point is: we might not have a tonne of money with FFP this summer, and we'll probably lose our five best performers this season. Smith needs to find a way to make it work with some of the current players. We can't sign an entirely new squad.
  7. Poor, very few chances created. Sliding down the league table toward relegation.
  8. How many more points do we need to avoid relegation? We're heading one way only.
  9. Laughably bad. Each performance is worse than the last. El Ghazi is appalling and should be sent back immediately. I back Smith, but we are heading closer and closer to relegation - if it becomes a scrap at the bottom he has to go. I don't think we'll win another game this season. How many points do we need to survive (genuinely)?
  10. As well as not being able to defend, we now can't score goals. 4-0 to Stoke.
  11. So much worse than just two months ago when we played them last. The worst team in the West Midlands. Lowest moment for me supporting Villa since the early 90s.
  12. Bizarre you'd give a player that age on that salary a 3 year contract. He's hardly going to get poached off you by a Premier League club. Whelan is better as is Birkir, that's not saying much at all.
  13. I predicted 0-3 before the game. Looks like it's going to be worse. We are the worst side in the league apart from Ipswich.
  14. We're pretty rubbish. We couldn't create a chance against a crap Reading side, so I don't know why people think we have more of a chance against a far better side. Still no Grealish. 0-3.
  15. I don't think Adomah worked hard today. He hardly broke a sweat. I can see why Bruce wanted to get rid of him in the summer. Green every time when fit.
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