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  1. I don't know how we can trust them yet - they've owned the clubs for less than a year and have no prior history or association with Villa. This is a very bad move. We absolutely have to go up to avoid this kind of nonsense. And keep Jack. No pressure lads...
  2. Has anyone got the Steer/Jesus photo? Asking for a friend.
  3. Can anyone tell me: How was the shoulder charge on Mings not a foul? What was Mings booked for? Why is Brunt still on the pitch when he stamped on McGinn right in front of the ref? Bottle job ref trying to “even” the first leg. We’ve been dreadful too. Our season can’t end this way...
  4. We’ve been poor. Very lethargic and devoid of ideas, exactly the “foot off the gas” mentality we feared. Need to to change it up big time at HT. I’m keeping the faith, Dean will pull something off here.
  5. There is no way Smith will randomly change his keeper now, and quite right too. No idea about GG
  6. Nothing game for us. Congrats to Norwich, worthy champions, the best team throughout. Poor, poor defeats for Boggies (plus a red, if only Robson Kanu), and Leeds. Leeds definitely a stronger team than Derby, but Derby have the momentum and the sense of injustice from spygate. Interesting few weeks ahead!
  7. Funnily enough if Bruce hadn't of signed Nyland, and had stuck with Steer, he may have stayed in the job. Nyland single-handedly cost us at least 5 points (being very generous here) with errors no professional should make. So in a twisted way, I'm glad he is our 4th choice!
  8. I'm trying to focus on our games, but assuming results go as you'd predict, Leeds couldn't ask for an easier game than Boro. It's basically a bye. Boro won't drop points against Rotherham and Leeds won't against Ipswich, therefore Leeds v Boro and Villa v Boggies...
  9. I really hope we go up. There are things about the Championship I'd love to be away from: the appalling refereeing standards, the bizarre EFL decisions, the Pulis/Bruce gang of dinosaurs and scum like SHA. But at the same time, I've enjoyed it. We're competitive in games, we've got the right man in charge, the excitement of the playoffs and the league is full of surprises - the top 6 isn't set in the way it is in the PL. Very few would've backed Blades and Norwich to go up directly - most said it would be Stoke and Albion. I look at Sheff U who sold their best player (Brooks), Norwich who sold their best player (Maddison), and they both invested that money wisely. I know if we don't go up Jack will go, and Villa fans will wish him the very best. He'll go down as a club great. But I don't feel like his departure will be a disaster for us (as I once did). Smith is rebuilding the club, inside and out, and I strongly believe if we don't go up in the playoffs this time around, we'll push for the title next season.
  10. Between McGinn, Grealish, Whelan and Hourihane we have the best midfield in the league. If we had a serious weakness (now the defence is sorted to an extent), it would be our wide attacking players. El Ghazi has been really good at times, but also goes missing and doesn't cover his full back. And he's still a far better option than Adomah or Green (although I do have hopes for Green long-term - could be my Villa-tinted specs). If he was available for 5mil or less, I'd probably take him.
  11. Taking away all the dirty play, Leeds are a far, far better side than Derby. Unless their heads have gone completely, can't see anything but a comfortable win over two legs. I guess spygate might add to the spice. The less said about what would happen if they play Boro, the better.
  12. Is there any way Bamford can get punished too? I think not as it was essentially a dive which is a yellow, correct?
  13. How shite have the refs been this season? Going back to Chester's red, hand of Rod, Mings red, El Ghazi red, many more that I can't think of off the top of my head. If we do go up, the best thing will be not having to put up with these shite refs.
  14. El Ghazi out for 3 games, Steer, Mings and Kodjia all potentially injured, and McGinn with another yellow. Really couldn't have gone much worse for a dead rubber. Respect to Bielsea but Klich, Bamford and Jansson, absolute f****** *****
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