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Which league is the best?


Which league is the best?  

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  1. 1. Which league is the best?

    • Premiere League (Eng)
    • La Liga (Spa)
    • Serie A (Ita)
    • Ligue 1 (Fra)
    • Other (which one)

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how do you define this ?

entertainment - PL

Crowd atmosphere - Bundesliga

Quality - La Liga

Also depends on how you view entertainment v quality. I like to see decent football played by numerous sides all trying to out do each other with various tactics, which can also change within a game. The sheer pace and must not lose (as opposed to let's win) that is prevalent in the Premier League would mean that for me it is behind both La Liga and Serie A, yet when you add in the goal mouth action the Premier League gets some points back as there is always a fiar bit of this for both teams.

Still say that Premier League would be third in the list....

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I think the difference is the scouting by La Liga clubs is far superior to most in the premiership.

Not only that but the visa requirements are different as well as the language, this helps attract young quality players from south america or africa.

A mid table spanish side can bring a little known brazilian/argintinian youngster into their squad. It's only when he is a star that the premierleague can have a chance to bid becuase he now meets our visa requiremnts. By then he costs a fortune and only the big 4 can afford him.

I think that is a factor.

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Yes, of course it depends on what you mean with best, but I meant when you consider everything which league you think is the best. Not that difficult,me thinks.:)

The result so far is pretty overwhelming but as someone mentioned it would most certainly the opposite in the other leagues countires. The most interesting is to see what the result would be in a country outside these 4 mentioned. And maybe outside Germany, as they might think that Bundesliga is the dogs.Which I very much think it's not.

I think the result in Sweden would be a close call between La Liga and the Premier League with Serie A far behind on a 3rd spot.

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Excitement, action, definately the PL but I've been to see Atletico Madrid a few times and the fans there are awesome, also La Liga is very interesting to watch, seen some great games - more technical than the PL.

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