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Naked 5-a-side? My theory on shirts and signatures.


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Good Post NV

I said it was all down to the kit and i was laughed at!

mwwhahahahaha :P

Just because NV agrees with you doesn't make you right.

Didn't say i was!

Oh and OT.

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Well the launch date is set for tuesday so we will se if you are right.

I can't see SWP, Defoe etc ready to be unvailed then myself but I guess you never know.

The General said the reason for the delay was because we were late in agreeing a deal with nike so our launch had to be pushed back. He could be lieing to keep a cover story going but I think this "multiple signings to be announced with the shirt" theory is just wishful thinking.

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Trotsky is right, the new law comes into effect on any new shirt sponsorship deal signed after Jan 1 2008

Partially right then as it is only deals signed after Jan 1, 2008. So Carlsberg can be carried by Liverpool until they sign with someone else.

What happens if a deal is merely extended?

Also I am pretty sure that the legislation is that the club have to offer to sell kits with no sponsor not that they cannot sell fully sponsored and branded in kids sizes. Hence my opinion as to why kids will want the ones as worn by their team / heroes.

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