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  1. Why lock its a story that is truthful. Lerner's time has been a rollercoaster and now he wants off.
  2. All i have seen lately is fans defending Mr Lerner for the fact that he has spent money on the club and brought the good times here. The thing is Mr Lerner did not spend his money wisely. Now this is all down to him giving MON the freedom of the club, which indeed brought us success but at a huge cost. The main expenditure of the club when MON left was salaries, 75%+. Add into that the high prices paid for mediocre players, left us with a high bill that needed to be reduced. But all this came from Mr Lerner, sacking the old director of football that doug had who restricted how much we
  3. Overwhelming support for OGS on twitter and here. Randy do the right thing Sign Him Up
  4. The only downside with OSG is why would he want to leave that lovely region of Norway
  5. Great watch Fully on the Baby Face Assassins bandwagon, go get him randy
  6. http://www.facebook.com/AstonVillaFanAndProud I know im gonna get told off for this but trying to get as many villa fans on FB on one page if you get the chance please like
  7. Hi guys trying to get ideas for a new gamer tag idead would be appreciated
  8. Hi trying to get all the villa fans from all over the world on one FB page please like if you have the chance http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php?ref_type=sitefooter#!/AstonVillaFanAndProud?skip_nax_wizard=true
  9. If you want to protest the scalfs are good idea, but you have to do it on mass. If you have a few do it all it will be is a few unhappy fans. To get the message mass following is needed. Best way of this is to do what Ultra groups in Italy do (not saying we should follow all there behaviour). If the holte were to not come out for the first 15 this would give a message, yes??? But if the holte were to bring the scarves go up to the seat before game cheer the players in warm up, really get the atmosphere going rocking the place, the players would get up for the game. But on
  10. He has no forward plan. Seen he was saying well i played 4 forwards well if they are all in our half you could put a team of forwards out. Simple as this it seems clueless randy is running us as a business, aslong as we make money his happy along with faulkner. They have said the want to steady the books which is fair enough but atleast have a good manager to manager the resaurces we have to there best. Instead of a poor manager who can't.
  11. What we need to get is a poll it halfway through the season. Who still wants to give him time and who wants him gone.
  12. Can see why the fans are disgruntled with Mcleish in charge. It most be the most unwatchable football i have watched in a long time with him in charge. I feel he is holding back the younger players such as Albrighton, Bannan. While Ireland has had great games and Charlie has had spells of good football both are showing they are not working to the potential they possess under Mcleish. Also there is no attacking edge which is holding one of Englands deadliest finishers back. When we play matches recently we get up over the half way line and then have no idea what to do, this man is the man tha
  13. Thats what everyone would do except our board
  14. Aston Villa Tranfers & Rumours on Facebook
  15. This is surely the new signing everybody has been talking about
  16. Whelan saing we have put a bid in around 10m but not 10m why don't we just pay the cash his worth 10m pay 10m get him in
  17. Given sorting out a compensation deal with citeh just like the dunne deal and ireland so there causing the delay not us
  18. If we sign charlie for 10m or less quality business
  19. Ender4 if we had friedel then we would have a good keeper still and would be able to spend 4m on a outfield player instead, given would be a good signing but if we would have signed friedel then there would be no worry.
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