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  1. So when can we sell him and how much for??
  2. People will get bored after a season or two. Delph was talked about for a long time. Eventually (most) people moved on. Personally as I've said before I feel Grealish is irrelevant now. But in fairness, it's still pretty fresh.
  3. Agree. Nakamba gets loads of abuse but he was great.
  4. Cash injured too? **** me, what is with our conditioning...
  5. What was Mings doing there? Jesus our decision-making is appalling.
  6. It'll be a long season if Smith determines the defensiveness of his tactics on whether or not our opponents sit above us in the league. We're currently 13th, beneath Arsenal of all teams. Hard to change that without trying to actually beat a beatable team.
  7. Neither Targett nor Cash are good enough crossers of the ball to really play as true wing backs. This system isn't working
  8. I didn't ask whether he needs to or not - I asked if you really think he would. Dean Smith has shown us nothing to suggest he would be willing to overturn his own tactics at Half Time in a match with the score evenly poised at 0-0. And as predicted he hasn't done it here either.
  9. I was gonna say steady on that's a bit harsh! Turns out you were just beating yourself up. Carry on if you must
  10. Here's what confuses me. We went out great guns against the European champions, a much better side, and tried to bring the game to them from the off. Here we've played the same formation but we've looked sluggish and hesitant in running at a much worse side than Chelsea. Why attack against a team like Chelsea and end up on the end of a heavy loss, but then look tentative against a beatable team like Everton? Doesn't make any sense.
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