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  1. I think Villa took it a bit too literally when they saw fans on Twitter say "sign someone, ANYONE!" To be fair I don't know much about him, I guess it can't hurt to have an extra option in addition to Samatta and Davis though
  2. The decision to give Smith a new four-year contract when we were only lingering just above the relegation zone seems a premature one in hindsight - don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'd be considering a change in manager at this stage, but when we keep falling off in the second half of games, it's difficult to see us finishing outside the bottom three unless Smith changes things up (which he seems reluctant to do).
  3. Very poor. Smith doesn't seem to have a Plan B, looking devoid of ideas tactically once we concede a goal. Also when has Grealish taken a penalty before? Would've thought Kodjia would be top of the list.
  4. Second half quite a bit better than the first but overall the worst performance of the season so far. The international break couldn't come at a better time with the injuries we now have.
  5. I can't believe people keep saying we're doing a Fulham; we've hardly spent anything compared to the other two promoted sides!
  6. Yeah I remember this too, not long after the play-off final there were a few vague mentions floating around twitter although none of them were from any reliable sources. I've seen a few people speculatively mention Icardi on comments on Dan Bardell's twitter where he mentions about us being after for a big striker target - would be surprised if we managed to land him or Belotti but who knows
  7. On Transfermarkt it says "Shoulder Injury Return expected on Nov 18, 2019" Would prefer it if we signed someone who isn't injured for the first 4 months of the season to be honest...
  8. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9546552/aston-villa-transfer-saint-etienne-for-9m-trezeguet/ Sounds the The Sun are trying to stir things up...
  9. The Express aren't pulling their punches about him; must be one of the only examples of the media not defending him:
  10. Luiz is in Minnesota judging from the video on villareport's twitter page, so the deal must be near to completion
  11. I hear Bruce is up in Tyneside looking to buy a number 7, number 9 and if the price is right, a number 10... unfortunately the local Chinese takeaway is closed on Sundays
  12. Would be a very lucky (and random) call on Luiz if that guy on twitter were just making things up... maybe Phillips is close too?
  13. According to James Nursey, we've "slapped in" a bid for him (here).
  14. A8 seems good value considering it's one of the cheaper tiers for season tickets but for individual match tickets it's a higher price category - I'm assuming it's cheaper because it's in the family zone so the atmosphere will be quieter.
  15. Apparently Spurs are looking to sell Danny Rose. Maybe we should bid 3m plus Taylor...
  16. Linked to him by The Sun, so I'm not reading into it too much. If he does leave Brighton, I'd imagine Leicester would be the more likely destination, especially if they end up selling Maguire
  17. Don't know much about this guy, thoughts? Not sure it'd fit with Purslow's comments on developing other team's players unless there would be an option to buy
  18. I find it amusing how they class Jed Steer as a youngster when both he and Butland are 26 years old
  19. That Percy article also mentions a move for Mings is unlikely until later this month and that Stoke want £25m for Butland (with Bournemouth also interested)... seems pretty steep, I wonder if Etheridge might be better value
  20. Good point - hopefully less of a problem in the Premier League, I mean I imagine the likes of the Arsenal fans etc will be more preoccupied with their quinoa and avocado sandwiches
  21. Anyone have any idea why block P8 in Doug Ellis Stand is in the cheapest price bracket for season tickets when the rest of the stand is in the more expensive zones? Looks like that block would be good value for money considering the wide horizontal view of the pitch.
  22. Of all the positions we need reinforcements for, surely GK should be last on the list?!
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    Just saw that 8 tickets popped up in 143, as soon as I tried to add any it said event no longer for sale but when I checked on select seats, there were still 3 or 4 on there - I think that pretty much confirms that 3+ booking history is required still
  24. jdguitar


    How much booking history did you have to buy that ticket, out of interest?
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