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  1. 'Monitoring' X player. Right up there with the transfer window slamming shut. Complete and utter 'oh look who's playing well' BS.
  2. Completely agree. But to put another way, United can't expect Villa to let them win each season, as they believe is their right.
  3. Yep, I remember that. To be fair, it was a penalty, or at least, the Match Thread would've crashed with the level of anger trying to be articulated had we not been given the same decision at the other end. The goal was definitely not offside, but Leicester got done the week before with a very similar situation, which was the point OGS was making, essentially.
  4. Unlucky to have been ousted by Axel, and really should keep his place in this formation.
  5. Agreed. Beginning to put Chelsea in this bracket too.
  6. Have doubts that an improvised overhead bicycle kick was part of the routine, but yes, that did come from a set piece.
  7. Would be great if one of these celebrated routines actually resulted in a goal, which I believe is the intention!
  8. Villa have won just 1 of the previous 45 games at Old Trafford. Yikes.
  9. In fairness, this is Man United, and the script has been very closely followed for decades.
  10. Bloody nora I hope we don't play brilliantly and lose against Chelsea again.
  11. I think it has to be Farke, which would be very un-Norwich like, but his top flight record is beyond awful. They can't keep going like this. Guaranteed promotion followed by guaranteed rock bottom finish. Feel sorry for the club.
  12. Absolutely brilliant, clear-eyed appraisal of Villa's recruitment, management and current state of health on TalkSport today throughout the 90 minutes and beyond. Been a real pleasure to listen. Generally pathetic, typically knee-jerk, borish know-nothing comments throughout the Match Thread as usual. Been as painful as ever to read. UTV
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