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  1. Cheers for this! Another one to add to the already bulging 'Dark Arts of Harry Kane' compilation. What a guy! I fear the chap could currently go down holding his teeth after biting someone's nose and there still wouldn't be much more than euphemistic innuendo whispered between sucked in breaths from the pundit class. I'd very much like a bold interviewer to ask Kane to take us through what exactly happened in incidents such as these. Could be fascinating viewing. Maybe this is histrionic of me, but in an era in which there is such forensic scrutiny of all aspects of play, it seems a
  2. Watching The Sopranos the other day...
  3. I'm very far from a Man of Science so this could be nonsense, but Carl Sagan is associated with the phrase "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" and it's this aphorism that plays on my mind when considering UBI. The phrase isn't perfect, the hypothesis of UBI so totalising and so subject to endless contingencies that it's difficult to not approach it speculatively, but I hope you see what I mean. Having read the stirring but somewhat wishful-seeming polemic by Rutger Bregman and a handful of articles, it DOES sound very appealing. But the hesitations of the naysayers do
  4. I very much agree with this wholeheartedly. I currently live in East London. Not the worst area. Not the nicest. I often work odd hours and so frequently go for runs or train with a football at night. I've stayed reasonably fit all my life and I make the calculation that it's pretty unlikely somebody would attack someone of my appearance. I can always run away just in case. But I have a principle that if there's a group of more than three people lingering around the field where I'm training I will make an unfussy exit. Now, I've nursed a niggling injury the past couple of years tha
  5. All the indications point towards Barkley never having quite matured, certainly as a player, and perhaps as a person. There's something of a Steven Gerrard archetype about him, struggling to play at a level that doesn't see him flying about with an imperious strut. Not to mention that Barkley is no Gerrard, but he's also no longer 21. And yet he still plays with the same short-termist, tigerish mentality. What seems to have been missed is that not only does that kind of 'decisive' hurling-yourself-into-the-thicket approach present a real high wire challenge to maintain over 90 minutes, but
  6. And how about the other examples offered?
  7. The parts of my argument where I mention context and reflexivity would seem not to be reflected in this response.
  8. Ummm, this is a fictional show right, and the offending line is spoken by a fictional character? I find the implication that a character created in a fictionalised environment should be judged as somehow an objective commentary that can be held up as representative of some actual attitudes or problems to be incredibly short-sighted and foolhardy. James Bond in, I think, Goldfinger, states his dislike of The Beatles. He isn't particularly specific. It's just a quip. Now, if he had said, unlikely I know, that they were four scruffy Scousers who should be working the docks instead, one c
  9. I'm wary of the phenomenon of entering this thread to bash a decent player who plays for a big club after a bad game, but how much does one really want to read about the toils of Gaetan Bong and Will Grigg. Having said all that... Aaron Wan-Bissaka is nowhere near the required quality for his position. A 45 million pound Manchester United player rightly nowhere near the England squad is a very odd phenomenon. AWB seems the classic example of a player's worth clouded by his one outstanding attribute. And for all the talk of his limitations amongst the advances required for the modern fu
  10. Deeply grateful, as we all should be, to be afforded entry to the patented Leeds Temple of Explosive Football, where the hair flows as free as the football! Just count those second half shots on goal! On a treacherous pitch that seemed to be comprised of at least 60% percent algae, we calmly dominated in the Arsenal/Leicester spoiler mood I've come to greatly appreciate. Made Leeds look patently ordinary, at times desperate with a very organised and committed team performance. Silly side point: Pablo Hernandez now resembles one of those anti-drug before and after posters. My nightmares wi
  11. The whole performance from Valdez was immense, but the fight should've been called long before Berchelt was knocked into the shadow realm.
  12. This reminds me of a perennial quest of mine: The hunt for good new 'table-top' games. The adjacent wondering here is the seeming inflexibility of the established canon. I finally played the game Catan last year and after a bit of research discovered it's regarded as a seminal title in the rise of 'German-style' games, as opposed to a more 'American' approach. The game is approaching its thirtieth anniversary but still isn't seemingly as well-known as the 'classics', i.e. chess, snakes and ladders, monopoly, charades, poker and other card games etc. But it's the 'newest' established game I
  13. "What be this peculiar co-ordinated sprinting action from those strange nimble futuremen?!'
  14. It's literally like watching a 2021 team versus a team transported from 2005. I half expect the camera to whip pan suddenly to Bowyer and Dyer mid-scrap.
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