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  1. This from The Guardian MBM pretty much sums things up.
  2. This is Shithouse Central. The Fountain of Eternal Shithousery. I'm at a loose end so I thought I would give this a watch. Learn a little about two sides that I know very little about. And what do I get? Blind eunuchs at any orgy, flesh bumping against flesh, pointlessly, joylessly, interminably. If the everlasting soul of Diego Maradona dragged this game down to Hell for sins against football I doubt Bruce and Hodgson could protest. He should do it. For all of us.
  3. Absolutely. I have to say I have seen a lot less of Joyce than Dubois. What trouble does Joyce present?
  4. The Van Damme of the North East, Lionel Perez, with his sexy hair and even sexier leg saves. I think Martinez's outside the penalty area save from Maupay yesterday, and my general belief that keepers that are 'good with their feet' could be so more robustly and tenaciously, must have triggered foolishly fond memories.
  5. Perhaps this is somewhat off topic but the subject of Engel's curious injury habits got me thinking. How detailed would the precise medical care and appreciation of a player's physiology be for Aston Villa? Could this be studied before a player is purchased? I'm guessing a player's development would intersect quite heavily with a thorough medical analysis, but how thorough is that? For example, my physio's identification of tight hamstrings and underdeveloped knee caps has helped me adapt my running and training style considerably with far less risk of injury. Do players get similarly t
  6. The boy has the energy of a pup on Red Bull! Energy that is as infectious as it is merciless. Like a right back Vardy. Cash is everywhere. Incessant, demanding, indefatigable. I really like him. There's also a sense of responsibility and discipline about him too though. Your average sheep-herding all action Action man can get a bit carried away with yapping at the heels of his foes. Crazy handball aside, he seems a sensible lad who knows not to get too carried away his considerable motor. And I think he can definitely go up a gear or two. I feel as we get better, or hopefully as
  7. Doesn't it just! I wonder if there is a touch of the Wenger about him, this desire for his troops to perfectly aestheticise his untouchably perfect 'vision' of football? Even if the tides appear to be turning somewhat. I wonder if deep down he finds all this speed metal sturm und drang Klopp hyperfootball to be a bit vulgar, a bit gauche, and he's waiting patiently in the wings for things to calm down. And then his elven army can swoop majestically to save us all over again. Or, I don't know, middle age can be a bitch. But. certainly, Pep's Man City have a bit of a Last Year's Mo
  8. It's almost distressing how quickly Arsenal have become a nothing club. The eternal pondering of how to bring some bite into midfield post-Vieira blurs into the search for a commanding centre back which morphs into the Ozil Question, until suddenly it's ten years later and they're still in a 'transitional phase'. Seemingly picked at with the self-conscious exactitude of a lab scientist not wishing to disturb the precious contents of his petri dish, there's such a lifelessness and joylessness about the whole Arsenal project right now. Where precious tinkering and ham-fisted declaration go to
  9. Whilst acknowledging that this may sound pompous or insensitive, this tragedy is becoming a huge piece of grim literature warning us of so much that is shameful about this country. It's like a goddamn Hogarth of modern elite indifference and venality. The popular government mantra of 'lessons to be learned' couldn't be more starkly urgent when it comes to Grenfell. And yet the lessons keep coming... I was living not too far from Grenfell when it burned. It still haunts me.
  10. Yeah, largely agree. Kane can obviously appreciate another player that shares his vision and intelligence. I would imagine Kane can see himself not having to playmake from so deep with Grealish. I imagine the boy is excited at the possibilities.
  11. Kane talking about how much he likes playing with Grealish. I'd be demanding he plays if I were him. Two highly intelligent players.
  12. Anyone else dying to know if England get their own slice of popular 90s dance if they score? If we conjure up a nifty passing move they can do ''I like to move it, move it''. Bobby Brown's ''Two Can Play That Game'' can be blasted when that mythical Grealish Mount team-up happens. I vote for Renegade Master or Ebeneezer Goode. EMF's Unbelievable for the stunning comeback winner. Although that is stretching the dance remit. We shall have to see.
  13. I've heard it from both my memory and my imagination that Pegg played Toby Young in the film How To Lose Friends and Alienate People, a film role he took up specifically to enjoy the erotic frissons of channelling Young's dark voodoo.
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