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  1. I think the hatred for Westwood comes from the fact that he has an annoyingly precious, deliberate manner of playing that is entirely at odds with his inability to up his game and adapt himself to the huge limitations our team has. Why hasn't he been able to remotely improve a team with such obvious, obvious problems?
  2. This. Unfortunately, this. Idealists who don't pass through realism end up mere fantasists. Virtually everything Awol and Villakram have said tonight is completely correct. Unpleasant to read, but entirely correct. These words have to be the starting point for a real, progressive politics. We have avoided reality and a recognition of the lives of most ordinary people for far too long. Unable to listen to an unpalatable truth we have indulged, individually and en masse, in fantasy and distraction. If we truly care we can no longer afford this luxury. It isn't always someone else's fault. We need to have a long, hard look at everything. Especially ourselves and our actions and words. They don't do what we pretend they do. To a richer, more responsible politics!
  3. Oh my, the Jedinak thread has become an especially depressing wing of the creaky, drafty busted mansion that is Villatalk (and perhaps Villa too?) Not that I blame any of the fine souls here. It's our hope that makes us so exhausted. But, Jesus, it's like a wake in this thread. RIP our coltish dreams of his bearded virility. Or... maybe... just maybe... very, very few players shine when a side is in trouble. The past four or five games have been awful. Probably would have been with our without Jedinak. Bringing solidity to a side with a propensity to choke is a real challenge. Doing so as an ageing new signing magnifies that. The current reality of this signing seems almost comically typical, if not symbolic, of Villa at this moment. But maybe it feels worse than it really is. I have three thoughts: 1. Players have to adapt their style as they age. I don't know Jedinak too well, but maybe the blood and thunder approach we thought we may be getting is something he's no longer capable of doing consistently. So he has to adapt. Which takes a while. And is not ideal when the team surrounding you is unsettled. 2. If this is the case, playing him properly in a three man midfield, particularly with the energy of Tshibola, may allow him to focus on his essentials. We haven't really tried this yet. 3. Sometimes 'big' signings simply don't work. It happens. Look at Oumar Niasse. I'm often surprised how often I'll browse a club's transfer activity and see a 5.6 million signing from Feyenoord or Nantes that never made it onto the pitch. It happens. I know we really need Jedinak to work, but at the very least we have some promising young midfielders who can, and perhaps must, deputise.
  4. How many Ashley Westwood's does it take to change a lightbulb? Oh hang on a minute, he's just made a little crack in the curtains and we can kind of see things. No need for this illumination lark! We're good...
  5. Oh boy. Yes, a little part of me, still smarting from wounded pride, wonders how the mighty Villa have fallen. Really, we're signing Ross McCormack, Ross 'Unassuming Prince of the Lower Levels' McCormack, in what feels like mere moments away from being linked with the Embolos and Batshuayis of the world? For around double the Benteke fee! But then I get real, glance at that Rotherham fixture, and begin to feel a little bit excited. I don't know the player, but going by what I've glimpsed, two things stand out. 1. So often he seems to be on the front foot, thinking dynamically amidst the attacking flow. The guy seems to have initiative. Initiative. How lacking in that have we been for so long? He makes things happen. One of the best, and most satisfying, qualities of an effective striker is that ability to create an opportunity for yourself you know you can finish. He puts himself about because he has the confidence of getting things from those positions. The attacking stats would appear to back this up. So many Villatalk in-game posts have this almost bemused shrug: What is it that we're actually doing? What are we threatening to do? Are we actually doing anything? Well, this McCormack lad at least affords himself the luxury of thinking two, three steps ahead of the game. Maybe one of our 'sleeping gems' will notice that... 2. He's a bugger, a pest. In an era when I've become used to players not bottling tackles or chances, but goddamn bottling runs, positional discipline, game management, effort, having a guy buzzing around the box with more than a few tricks in his arsenal, feels nicely restorative. I hope his energy is contagious. So, yeah, a tentative but heartfelt welcome. Or maybe I'm crossing my fingers to stop the quivering...
  6. As comically suicidal as he is every game we may simply need to play him. He antagonises. Amongst the rest of our silk-slipper'd darlings he's the only one likely to get sweaty and bruised. He's the toughness we need. Now, for the skill, vision, fluidity, composure, chemistry, footwork...
  7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Okore equipped himself well. Composure, desire, ability, a cool head. May have two ball-playing centre backs when Richards returns. Daub some warpaint on Hutton, toss a few landmines under the left side of the Villa Park pitch and we may begin to resemble the dictionary definition of 'defence'.
  8. We are still yet to find our rhythm. It is almost impossible to predict where we'll be in three passes time. Or ten seconds time. There is no fluency. This guy gives the pleasant illusion of some. Think we could see some joy if Gil and Grealish come back into form. Or we simply need players who create space and can stretch teams. Maybe it's time to fill Birmingham's own Forrest Gump, Gabby Agbonlahor, with some stout diesel and have him do his chicken-chasing routine. Desperate times etc.
  9. An arthritic performance. Toss him in the sea and I doubt he would possess the strength, speed or wherewithal to not drown. The Lump's Lump.
  10. I think this is a really strong post, and overall I totally agree, but from what I've seen of Gil he doesn't fit the description. His work rate seems high, he digs in, he chases. Perhaps he doesn't have positional discipline, or maybe his movement is indifferent to the team\s overall shape, but I see a keen, energetic presence. Is there something I'm missing, or do people see a different picture attending Villa Park itself?
  11. There should be more films where a radio station decides to dedicate its entire output to a strangely minor story that most of the listenership would have no clue about. See also: Vanishing Point.
  12. The he said, she said, to and fro of the Westwood thread continues! But, seriously, it's nourishing. There are many good, reasonable points on either side of the barricades. I've been doing some thinking myself. Surely the argument over whether Westwood should be in the team is entirely dependent on him being surpassed? We've had arguments about the merits of Gabby, Weimann, Lowton etc, in the past. As soon as we've had no need for them the tone of the conversation pretty abruptly shifts. The moment Benteke became our Balrog was the moment arguments about the benefits of Mr Bent became a little muted. The Westood Argument will be settled as soon as we no longer have any need for him, when he is merely a name we glance over on the teamsheet bench. Unfortunately, I don't believe we're at that point. I am not a massive Westwood fan. I suppose he does a job. Until we discover ways of utilising our players so that job will no longer suffice, Westwood will remain. He will either step up his game and prove people right and wrong, or he will slip into obsolescence. How long that takes, well, it's taken **** seasons so far...
  13. This guy is so smart he's like the bizarre genius at school who gets disruptive and moody if undernourished. They always say 'feed the beast', but it's now more appropriate to give the feeder beasts to feed. Grealish needs players around him, making runs, finding space, screwing with opponents so his diabolical spider webs of footballing manipulation can further entangle and enrage the opposition. Basically, he needs henchmen. Yeah, he's progressed that fast. Maybe a top hat and evil laugh. He's halfway there on the latter count. And if Rudy wants to feed on the woozy, broken corpses on the field afterwards who are we to stop him? Oh boy, if all the ultra-exciting players we have at the club don't at some time click, the word 'click' in the dictionary will suddenly seem oddly sad and lonely.
  14. "Gana is training, he might be playing on Saturday. The specialist got a magic wand out... Paul Daniels his name was." And meanwhile Gabby is injured? This ain't Paul Daniels shit, my friend, this is the finest JuJu money can buy. Take a little from here, put a little over there... As for Gana, I'm thrilled he's back. The centre of our midfield had become a sad, lonely, wretched, Belgium-esque space of no hope over the last couple of games. Glad the daddy is back to whip his kids into order.
  15. Don't be a tease... Is it a Tree Suit, if you know what I mean? tree suit?? http://www.thesportbible.com/articles/charles-n-zogbia-has-outdone-himself-with-this-latest-fashion-disaster Thank you. Beautiful things going on at the Villa. Tree suit? Well, I'm being very rude again. http://www.encyclo.co.uk/meaning-of-Tree-Suit "Tree-suit is Black-American slang for coffin"
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