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  1. It is interesting as to why... I would bid for him now this Rashica thing has dragged out way too long
  2. The fee is decided by the selling club due to their situation and we have paid the fees we are happy to in our situation. Nothing more can be said about it really.
  3. When talking about chance no I am not. the likely hood isn’t about the fee as it is what we have been paying for lesser players, the player is/was obviously keen to join red bull and has decided to wait for his options to narrow before deciding what to do. We have had a long standing interest in this player if he was keen to come to us he would have done.
  4. I noticed him on the bench and thought it was weird too, he’s supposed to be one of their best players isn’t he?
  5. It only last two years so unless they do it this season the he is ours.
  6. That is the least likely explanation
  7. As a token to add to any transfer debate when you decide to buy a player like McCarthy for 8 million then pay him 50k a week for 3 years you are investing 15.5m in a player you will get nothing back in a sale value. In my opinion it would be better to loan a player if you can’t afford a long term addition as then the costs are much smaller in the interim period before you can identify and pay for that player. It isn’t that hard to find a competent player for a particular position, it is difficult to get one that is very good.
  8. I'm not ITK in the slightest but I think the owners will spend up to the FFP limit again this season, what that is I don't know but in my head I guess 120-140m
  9. We currently have 5 players who can play as a striker and reportedly want to sign another (Rashica) who can play as a striker...... We don't need one.
  10. I saw somewhere that he was available for 6/7 million, its a no brainer to bring him in just to have a all round competent midfielder even if the club wants a specific type of central midfielder.
  11. paul514

    Saïd Benrahma

    I'd rather bid for Benrahma before he goes off to Palace rather than wait for Rashica who obviously is waiting for a better offer.
  12. I think Rio would far better in today’s league than Terry but then terry wasn’t exactly slow
  13. We won’t let him go without a replacement or two both Engels and House aren’t good enough but house is good in the air at the very least and isn’t slow. Engels turns way too slow
  14. Yep it’s important for morale and momentum around the club too
  15. Possibly moving but it still leaves all those other players. As for the new wide forward/s it doesn't matter if they are coming in to play as a wide forward the fact remains they also play at striker so can fill in if needs be for a handful of games.
  16. 1955 minutes (22 full games) played in total over the last two seasons 2 goals, 1 assist, he is 33 and gets paid 6 million after tax..... Nope.
  17. We should have signed him instead of Watkins in my opinion but it’s done now, and therefore like yourself I put us signing Eduoard at zero. Again like you if we were to sign someone it won’t be for more than 20 and that would be a waste as other areas of the squad need addressing far more, you quoted my post showing we have 5 maybe 6 striker options currently, why people think we need another before a central defender, a central midfielder, a second wide forward or a left back is beyond me.
  18. But we aren’t repeating that mistake we have Watkins, Wesley, Samatta, Davis, Traore and possibly Rashica.
  19. Samata and El Ghazi have value still too us as does Taylor unless we sign a left back. Elmo should be on that list now we have 3 right backs. Also Lansbury only has minor value because we don’t have loads of numbers for that position he would have zero value if we were confident in a kid or signed anyone
  20. Totally on board with that but if we did sign a player for those three positions look at the contract lengths... Taylor, Elmo, Lansbury, Jota, Nyland - 1 Year Kalinic - 3 Years I think they should be easy to get rid of for a few reasons. 1, We will ask for a small fee/no fee 2, 1 Year contract players will be keen to move for a longer contract. 3, If we are certain they are of absolutely no use to us which in this scenario they would be you can give them a small pay off or get the signing club to pay them a sign on fee and demand a lesser or zero fee and so on.
  21. No idea what these higher priorities are? Traore is signing tomorrow which means as a minimum we now have proper wide forwards, whilst we are still retaining an interest is Rashica. If/when those deal/s are done the priority if any cash is left moves backwards on the field Centre back, centre midfielder, left back.
  22. Inexpensive in terms of fee not wages. I bet if we combined fee and wages with a 7-10 million pound player plus wages with roses on a 3 year deal it wouldn’t be a crazy difference and the brought player would have a sell on value
  23. Better than Taylor but that isn't the bench mark.
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