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    Jed Steer

    Steer did OK, he didn’t cover himself in glory but why would we expect him to? He probably could have done better on the back pass though.
  2. Did I say that? No. I said what I said.
  3. I see many people happy tonight. with the performance not the result obviously. Cant say I feel the same. The ball went through the midfield too easily. We need a better set piece taker than McGinn, granted there were players not starting who will do that. I thought our wingbacks were quite ‘meh’. I don’t like the formation either. 352 has loads more merit than the 442 some on here talk about but I don’t want to shoe horn ings and Watkins to play two strikers at the expense of width. Ramsey was decent which was nice to see, Luis looked better. glad to see Watkins and Bailey on the pitch too.
  4. Mings isn’t even the best centre back at the club right now…..
  5. Resale values are important however it wouldn't be a massive deal to let it wind down a bit, especially if he improves over that time. People forget how few games he has played as a centre back, Konsa has played more.
  6. I could see a combined figure close to that IF they were sold in January. AEG's value will quickly drop now as he has 2 years left.
  7. 15 for AEG and 10 for Nakamba would be a good result!
  8. I actually agree we should be looking for a Mings replacement. it’s WAY down the list of priorities to about 7th in line though.
  9. When does the we were in the championship x years ago stop? No ones asking for the top we’re trying to sniff their arse in a Europa league spot as a realistic aim.
  10. There are loads of good DCM’s available at the moment
  11. I'm incredibly grateful to them doesn't change the facts of our weakness' this season
  12. That answer is easy - none. The club don't see what the fans do apparently.
  13. Who's making the new January window thread?
  14. Well we will see, we sure as shit aren't going to finish in a europa league spot.
  15. Simple, we are moving to a model of small net spends or balanced spends for whatever reason. Fans have no idea what the current and future funding of the club is at the moment after selling our best player and only spending that money and no more despite needing other players.
  16. Because we haven't signed a DCM and he is a good DCM.....
  17. Yea I saw that, that's off the walls batty
  18. You don't say! I would say my piss is boiling but I don't think I am angry I am more depressed.... To not buy a player in the most obvious failing of last season is ridiculous and we suddenly have no negative net spend without a word from the club. WTF??
  19. He's an 8 who can play at a 6 or 10 if he HAS to.
  20. TBH it feels like we never will it's September tomorrow and he has hardly played since we signed him in January.
  21. Could be 8th could be 13th. I would be confident of 50 points, I wouldn't be confident of 60
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