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  1. He is 4th choice for a wide forward position..... it doesn't take Mystic Meg to work out he isn't getting on the pitch much next year, he also isn't going to be getting double figures in goals again.
  2. Well you are going from soon to be what 5th choice to 3rd? 1 injury or drop of form or formation change and he is playing regularly here.
  3. Yep El Ghazi is the major saleable asset, we need to offer him a new contract or sell him anyway as he has 2 years left. His stock won’t be as high next summer with limited playing time as well next season. Best to get rid and replace him with someone who plays as a 10 as well as an option out wide.
  4. It’s generous to call that idea one hell of a salesman one will go for a few million, the other is injured for pretty much all of next season and the last one was injured for nearly a year and a half. in other words you could sell Conor for 3 million maybe 5 and that’s it.
  5. That’s probably 140 million ….
  6. 7.2 I think it was. We probably got a few million for him. certainly not the worst transfer we have ever done. I can think of dozens more
  7. It’s a joke he isn’t starting instead of Sterling, it’s a joke Sancho gets no time on the pitch. it’s also worth looking at changing Phillips for mount in that position with a more attacking player at ‘10’ but not as urgent as the wide forward problem. Hilarious when you think about it as we are so strong there. When jack came on they didn’t even get the ball to him. They were slow, wouldn’t push up quickly and when they did do it at their snail pace they found 10 men in front of them as it took so long. I’m done with England under Southgate if he can’t sort it out on the p
  8. Cheap, easy to get and an instant improvement on Engels. Thats it.
  9. I never thought I would say this but he looks too physical, I can imagine cards and penalties......
  10. I'd pretty much wet myself laughing. Personally I would go for Tuanzebe, we aren't breaking up our first choices, he wants out and I saw he was available for 8m. If we got say 3 million for Engels then that is a cheap upgrade for 5m net....
  11. Sure, but I meant just the process..... Do clubs have a list of 500 players then rank them and go after them in order? Is it more like 12 and you get them or you don't? and so on and so on..... there is dozens of combinations that could be mentioned
  12. I dunno, I have no idea how clubs REALLY go about their transfer business.
  13. Aside from massive clubs willing to offer him a deal, the club he came through at is apparently offering a crazy 5 year deal. There is a difference between getting a back up player who can cover a bunch of positions well for a couple of million for a 1 year deal and signing a player for 15m a year who is demanding a few years to sign. Nope, nada, no way.
  14. Well obviously but no one is going to give us that for Wes at this moment.
  15. Depends on the budget, give me a budget and I'll give you the players.
  16. paul514

    The NSWE Board

    On the way to this......
  17. I’ve heard of him so he must be decent, never seen him play
  18. De Paul is a good price for 35m no chance we can compete for a players attention with Atletico
  19. Ah right yes he is a good player but he will be sold for way less than 80m if he is sold this summer
  20. No idea who the player is but his numbers are way better than McGinn's
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