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  1. It is, I've been made some offers, they just didnt stack up
  2. Fluffed the Thursday game again, preset next two weeks as unsure if I'll get time in Croatia
  3. I maintain that Kodjia scores better goals than any of our other forwards but isn't the best goalscorer we have, though with Bruce as boss we will never play in a way to get the best out of in the box scorers. That said I feel sorry for Kodjia, not because of the injury but because of the hype and expectation level that is being built for his return. Not helped when the official site keep going on about it either. If he doesn't score for a couple upon return and we don't win then he could wel become just another scapegoat.
  4. I voted against it to try and stop it going through ..... shocking
  5. Getting released by the Browns wasn't going to see a lot of teams coming for him
  6. just sent you one that should work for us both, be my first trade IIRC EDIT: Rejected already....... oh well there were only 2 points between them on projection as well, never mind
  7. Thanks for offer @rhyscartwright_avfc but I am happy with roster at present and Lacy is dropping down ranks as it is
  8. TBF to FDB Palace deserved to get something out of that, possibly save him from the sack this week too. Pressure sure to mount but sacking him now would be utterly stupid
  9. Cannot find, can only find our FF League Pick 'Em and I'm the only one doing it
  10. From the man who is joint top of class for report cards. Predicted 13 - 1 Rob, bet you don't
  11. Yet his report is a B and is predicted to get a playoff shot...
  12. I have no idea how that went, other than no one was laughing as I went this year, lets see what my predictions are after I was predicted to win just the 1 last year
  13. Wish I understood our system a little more. Happy Birthday BTW
  14. 1 min is easily enough, I have work early tomorrow and might have to drop out if it takes too long. Hopefully the site knows when people aren't available and will auto-pick immediately for them like the Premier League draft did
  15. Do it and you can all laugh at my selections. I had a quick look at the player listing and was amazed that Theisman and Riggins have retired
  16. 6th - how did I get that high. Post draft last year I was predicted to win only one week and ended up with a few more. @sexbelowsoundReading up before the draft - wish I had chance. What is so bad about Brady at 3, isn't he a bit good at American rugger
  17. Locking this now as it did require a separate thread, but back to the generic boxing thread
  18. The ability to take a punch wasn't really a question CM had to answer, just sheer weight of punches And finished...... boxer wins. Not as easy as most thought but once he had seen off that initial burst he was getting more on top by the minute. Quick stoppage, possibly but you have to remember that in boxing the ref will stop too much damage Boing time for bed after a 12hr shift then the fight
  19. Thing I cannot get out of head is that any sort of close fight will lead to a rematch One that wouldn't attract the hype and/or $$$$ as it wouldn't be unique a second time (or are Yanks/fight fans that thick )
  20. Do well to last through the 7th. Mayweather on the front foot, unlike him really
  21. Probably why he looked for an 'easy' one to get to 50 - 0 .. oops
  22. Agree with Bunce on 5L. Mayweather looking his age, he needs McGregor to start tiring, he does seem to be doing just that
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