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  1. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/villatalk just loaded fine for me
  2. Some cracking memories drift to the surface looking at those names, some are one here for sure. Had to laugh to note you missed out Alan in Japan and Paul Pants Johnson I looked for an archive as there used to be one but I guess Simon ( @limpid ) finally killed that off
  3. ah Malc (RIP) , everyone had run ins with him, even his reflection. Mr Crandle was indeed lovely. Still catch Katie on FB.
  4. err @blandy (how did you forget that one) and I were on there. Bloody hell my first log on there and for here would have been from amonro5075@aol.com AOL!!
  5. Last years over achiever is looking fwd to this
  6. Yeah go on then @tomsky_11- will try to give it a little more concentration this time around, no even got a clue where I finished last year and if it wasn't bottom then someone must have also given up.
  7. Team sorted - some players seem cheap, some way too much. Finding those 'special bargains' could be fun this year
  8. Yeah we know you would. You got one? If not fancy meeting up as I missed out ... but what's 250 miles on a coach
  9. I'm with you on this, real kick in the teeth. Oh well be on the NorthWest Villa coach as it is. TBF I think we probably could have sold the whole of Wembley out
  10. Back of the upper tier has blocks of 4 seats together currently
  11. Love to know your thoughts on Ron Saunders. Peter Withe etc who were at or left for Blues as well as being proper Villa legends. Being honest I prefer to see players celebrating any goal they score, not this mock not celebrating if it's against a former team.
  12. Only a couple of weeks ago read on here that we would end up nearer the relegation zone and the DS should go. Now most people are looking at playoffs and Wembley. In there is a reason why we might fail in that charge, our -THE FANS - expectations. How we react to conceding, to a loss, even to a misplaced pass or two. From the top everyone has said how our support recently has helped, let's not go back to the nervousness, the audible sighing for a misplaced pass, the boo-ing! Together we can do this...
  13. I'm thinking Chester might not be risked straightaway, so for an away game where the opposition are really going to be up for it I would start with this: Kalinic Hutton Elphick Mings Taylor Whelan Elmo McGinn Green El Ghazi (free role) Tammy Should Chester be fit, though I don't see how given he was struggling so long. I would go 3 at the back with Chessie in between the others, thus allowing me to
  14. Predicted a losing season and made a bizarre final, two wins two runners up over the years and I do no research before drafts so not too shabby
  15. Thought swapping my DEF was going to cost me, then Rogers turned in a belter
  16. Tell me about it Ertz has a mare and Carson as an RB gets 6 targets and 6 catches whilst also getting more yards against 49ers DF than anyone all season, indeed almost double. Next year for me too now I think...
  17. Oops my bad, for some reason I thought it a diff O/S /embarassed/ ?
  18. Looking around and getting an MT4 app isn't easy, though if the browser is decent I guess I could simply use that. Getting on a bit these days so 15" is probably better for my eyes
  19. Hmm was going to be posting about this very thing, will try to be a little more specific I am trading Forex from the cab (it's going very well hopefully to swap the amount of time doing both over time) so need at least a 12.3" screen for charts etc. I need to be able to load up MT4 app at least. Will be using web, twit and fb a lot too. Was looking at Surface Pro type thing but if I can save some money for better then all is good, over to you guys
  20. That start to season comes to a big collapse, byes and an IR will cost me this week then add in this
  21. I have no real input, other than to say that our scoring system seems to help those without a true and close understanding of the game, as about 50% of us are in that position I think as it's the same for everyone it's fair. Less fair is losing all my previous results from the stats
  22. Good innit better for me than crypto
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