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  1. Bugger now looks most likely we will be away -weather dependant- so it will be a hit n miss draft and I will probably be way too late to pick up any stray waivers too, oh well....
  2. 21:00 BST ... up at 04:00 need to set my draft list up methinks, that'll be a first for me.
  3. LancsVillan

    Keinan Davis

    Why do I have to you said world class not prem class. Personally I have the latter about on a par with likes of Laporte, Maguire, Rudiger, Mina, all decent but nothing 'special'
  4. LancsVillan

    Keinan Davis

    Yeah Alderweireld so good nobody triggered the meagre £25m clause over the summer
  5. Now now don't let facts like these get in the way of the worrying and pre-emptive "I told you so" posts. Cracking bit of information that
  6. Bit lightweight up front buy happy enough as they should all get a start at least, lot harder with 10 in the league
  7. Let's make it a pure stats game for those with a real NFL interest and ignore those who just do it for fun without understanding it properly like @rjw63 n little old me
  8. Luke wins the loyalty card don't worry about that
  9. Just noticed ours has moved to 830 too ... making it even more unlikely I will get to the end, I know the other league wanted to change why did ours, no -one asked for it too
  10. Hmm will any of today's deals have a huge impact on the selections? When will players new to league get added?
  11. is it possible to reduce the time to pick as 90seconds will take an age to get through, i have work at 03:00 in the morning and don't really want to auto-pick
  12. Lazy journalism from a media we know that loves it when bigger clubs fail. I prefer to think we are looking more like doing a Wolves (much as that hurt to even type ) Same lazy conclusion to a lot of signings but I do think we will be closer to the latter than the former comparison
  13. @BOF - you going to include the Checkatrade Trophy for an U21 squad. Local games for me, going to try and make a couple
  14. Just looked there are currently 8 teams in there world greatest team luke Wilcombe Wanderers Jamie Fresh Price FC Arnold McGinn & Tonic Rhys Boom Xhakalaka Kurt Dante's Devils Craig Boston Villa Michael V Lancs Villans Some Northern bumpkin
  15. But comparing NFL to football is apples n oranges. I like the way it is, it's been that way for ages and a change would confuse things
  16. Yep but you could say that as he was required for 20 makes him more important than the other guy who might have got lucky with a breakout. For me I pick an RB that will get touches and hope he gets the yards on top, guaranteed points.
  17. I'm more for the it ain't broke why fix it. How system is now suits those who only play this league and have no idea of the differences this would make - i.e. Me :)
  18. Will catch the start of the draft at least, however I work early Tuesdays so if takes as long as last year will miss/auto draft later rounds
  19. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/villatalk just loaded fine for me
  20. Some cracking memories drift to the surface looking at those names, some are one here for sure. Had to laugh to note you missed out Alan in Japan and Paul Pants Johnson I looked for an archive as there used to be one but I guess Simon ( @limpid ) finally killed that off
  21. ah Malc (RIP) , everyone had run ins with him, even his reflection. Mr Crandle was indeed lovely. Still catch Katie on FB.
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