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  1. Exactly that the goalscorer is punished. Stupid rule for me, the point of football is to score, you should be allowed to celebrate with your fans. Obviously if it used to waste time then offenders should be shot, especially if they wear predominantly red or blue kits
  2. Keep hearing about the one being backed by the Swedish govt, yesterday by an 80yo customer! So what do you lot know about it, he said it was 73c to buy and has taken £200 worth as and I quote 'a long shot for the grandkids'.
  3. 2001 DoB ...... I feel old, I use a golf club older than them!
  4. oops only just seen this yes Especially as I'm working in an hour and VT2 hasn't been set up to set an autodraft list
  5. Can't do Sunday, well i could but after a day at the races it wouldn't be good..... ? With enough notice will set up an autodraft list
  6. Am happy to even the numbers up, however, Weds is a no-no for me as I never know what time I'll be finishing driving the taxi about
  7. Big yes from me, adds so much and is more consistent than Adomah, who flatters to deceive far too often.
  8. I'm in - but the league page doesnt say much.... Sunday!!! You trying to get me divorced
  9. Having never had to even think about it, I have agreed to do one for my mate and I, we are doing some ForEx trading and want a site for others to join us. We have FB group etc Was thinking WordPress as have been told even I could handle that. Thoughts please
  10. I said clear as he was one on one with last man as opposed to just being open for a pass
  11. Not a chance I would support a team from London, would find it hard to support anyone from outside Brum despitey living oop North
  12. Nah good call bad bad throw, man was completely in the clear
  13. Understand both of those challenges but what a waste of timeouts for losing em both. Fully expect Brees to find something this drive
  14. Well the guys that carried me through to the final, failed to perform in the last game, oh well I was predicted to be in the lower reaches and got to the final, well chuffed with that. Enjoyed it again
  15. I have this week and need a crazy 2nd half and a great game from my other WR mid season 'gamble' to have a hope of progressing beyond my wildest dreams
  16. Went to bed expecting to wake up to going out in a close one, nice surprise that. From a 3 - 11 forecast to the SF, I'll settle for that as cannot see me getting any further
  17. Bruce looked at taking either/both of them to Hull to boost their promotion chances before he got anywhere near VP. They wouldn't have fitted the 'style' he played there either
  18. Gonna need a miracle from Cousins and Hill this week now.... Late scratch from Ertz didn't help
  19. Could be worse you could have a 71 pt QB on your bench .....
  20. Same for all the RBs, he got 36 anyway with the last ones taking him through the 150yds got another 5pt bonus Ingram didn't do to badly ether
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