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  1. I think Southgate should be banned from watching villa play. Whenever he is there Jack does not seem to play his best. 42010 was an amazing turnout on a Monday night. I thought the referee was better than we have had of late although from where I was in the lower Trinity Jack should not have had a yellow and they did not deserve the second yellow/red. I had a look at a West Ham forum they seem to hate Mike Dean's but agree Noble was lucky with just one Yellow, My man of the match was Engles not as in obvious as Ming's but not a lot gets pass him
  2. At the end when El Ghazi was on the ground it looked liked their no 26 kicked him. Did I see that?
  3. How good are Dresden what league would they be in the UK.
  4. Bottle Maker

    John Terry

    Just seen a release from the club JT had left. Not unexpected but still a loss. I can only wish him good luck for the future.
  5. I thought he did his job well last night, was a breaking up the attacks of a team that play dirty and physical. A few of his passes went way of target but so did nearly every other players.
  6. Great awareness not rush to congratulate super Jack.
  7. Hi lack of protection from the ref effected his game. Continuously fouled by bennet smacked in the face and the Ref did nothing. End of the game he was the only player that did not shake refs hand.
  8. I thought Gabby played well my. Surprised he did not take the penalty but thinking about it I can not remember him taking one did he take them?
  9. I have no idea why Gabby or any other player is in the team. i, I don't spend my week working with the AVFC squad or have any experience managing sportsmen. I do know that AVFC went away to the team second from top in the Championship and came away with a point. Since Steve Bruce has become manager the team that I support has made significant improvements. I will be leaving in an hour to start travelling to Villa park to support them team and in particular the ones the manager chooses to put on the pitch.
  10. I was not at the game yesterday, friends nephew went instead. Had I been there I would not have booed players booing an individual player effects the whole team. I personally am not sure what Westwood brings to the team, under Steve Bruce the team have 11 points from a possible 15, he chooses the team from the players he thinks have the best chance of allowing AVFC to win. If Westwood is good enough for him then I am happy. At the Fulham game I noticed when Westwood he came on he did not have many touches but he did a lot of pointing and organising, maybe this is what he brings to the game. BOOING players because you dont like them undermines the whole team.
  11. May be the club could subsidise away fans, is this allowed. 4000 supporters tenner a head how many players don't get paid for a week? Every two weeks the worst performing players don't get paid to subsidise the away fans. The higher there wages the less need to go with out pay.
  12. Seeing the stats after the Wycombe game I was amazed at how many touches and passes he had. I think he does far more than he his credited for.
  13. Good by and good luck big man. Graham
  14. I feel sorry for him first day at a new job and he hurts himself. I just hope his contract is the same as new starters where I work, no sick pay for the first six months Graham
  15. My neighbours must now hate you, I had to go and find this on Vinyl only version on disc I have is Dio on vocals
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