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  1. I am back after a 2 year absence. Can't wait and not bad at £322
  2. Likewise I went both of those games you mentioned
  3. Play like that for the rest of the season we'll stay up, such passion
  4. Glasgow Rangers, still follow them now.For some reason I've bought there shirts since I was little. Never seen them play but hopefully I'm going to go sometime.
  5. In the corner near where the standing supporters are stood and yeah we are staying in Koln, Why's gladbach so bad on a Sunday?
  6. Dad's coming this with me. The two games he's came to this season we've won (Leicester league and blackpool cup). I'm going to stick my neck out 3-1 villa win.
  7. Goals from midfield is key for me, we need to start scoring some. Now we have two out and out wingers in Gil and Sinclair, we need to get plenty of crosses into the stoke box and star attacking them.
  8. I'm going to Germany in March for a couple of days. Hoping to go a few matches. Currently booked Friday 13th March: Bayer Leverkussen v Stuggart Sunday 15th March: Borussia Monchengladbach v Hannover and hoping to go Dortmund v cologne on the Saturday. Just wondering has anybody been these grounds and is there any decent pubs? Also are the Dortmund tickets hard to get hold of ?
  9. Lerner won't sack but say we didn't score in the next 3 or so games and remain winless then he'd have to do something.
  10. Somebody who can actually organize a team would be a start, woeful isn't the word LAMBERT OUT !!!
  11. High scoring draw 2-2 maybe ?
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