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Found 8 results

  1. Hej svenska lejons. I've created this little niche thread to celebrate the lesser known leagues of Sweden but mainly to keep track of my all-time favourite villa player Olof Mellberg. My interest stems from my first city break over to Sweden in 2006. I was staying in Stockholm and had gone out to a bar in Ostermalm when I kept noticing supporters passing through, who I learned were the blaranderna. In the moment, I thought why not, followed, asked, and I dragged my partner at the time along to Stadion to take opportunity to see Djurgardens IF who were playing at home. I loved every minute and instantly adopted DIF as my Swedish team (who, yes I know, are very ummm.... "Marmite" amongst Allsvenskan fans) and have been over to see them a few times since, alas not since the stadium move. One of the things I also love about the Swedish leagues is that their league calendar sort of runs April to November-ish. So when our season ends, their leagues are in full swing. I'll post an update from time to time. As for Mellberg, he is learning the management trade as the manager of the Bromma Boys (in Stockholm) known as IF Brommapojkarna. In his time here, if I was to pick four traits had in abundance..... passion, loyalty, determination, leadership. Those will serve him well and I hope his management career takes off and one day he becomes good enough to manage us. Those four traits would be welcome again here and it would be an ultimate homecoming return. Brommapojkarna though, are in the (regionally split) third division of Swedish football. However, at this moment in time, they top the division with 9 games remaining. As the season draws to a close I'll post updates on his progress. Then hopefully into Superetten (their second tier) and hopefully the mighty Allsvenskan (top division) itself over time. I do realise there'll be absolutely minimal interest in this thread but I'm doing it anyway! I'll be in touch. I'm learning Swedish too so if there are any Swedes on here, don't be shy.
  2. Bit of a landmark, so its probably worth its own thread. Barcelona are taking the Spanish league by storm this season and set a bit of a milestone tonight. Unlike the Premier League, the Spanish League's fixtures mirror each other, so you play the same teams in the same order in each half of the season, so you dont get any of the weirdness where you might play some teams twice before meeting some other team for the first time (example being that we played Arsenal home and away before we met Hull this season). I guess this makes each half of the season a bit more significant, and Spanish teams played their 19th fixture this weekend. So, Barcelona. They got beat on the opening day of the season, they havent lost since. They have scored 59 goals in 19 games this season, the have scored six goals in a game three times, they have scored five goals in a game three times. They also have the best defence in La Liga, conceding just 13 goals. They are on 50 points after just 19 games, and they are currently 12 points clear at the top of the table. Obviously as the second half of the season is a perfect mirror of the first, 100 league goals this year is very realistic, 100 points isnt out of the question. Easy to see why they are favourites for the Champions League. But 50 points and 59 goals in just 19 games is something else. Especially as they lost their first game 1-0 and didnt win until their third. Oh, and they closed the first half of the season (ie tonights game) with a 5-0 win over Deportivo who are chasing a Champions League place. Stats! *edit* Decided to change the title of the thread for a new season.
  3. Basically, I was always good at German at school, but I never really used it after leaving. It's coming up to three years since I did my A-levels and last really studied the language, and I'd like to pick it back up before I forget everything in a haze of alcohol and schmokies. So, as well as looking for language learning stuff on the internet etc, I would like to start following a German football team and possibly read their messageboards etc (and post when I get the confidence). However, I'm finding it really difficult to choose 'my' team. It's not really a 'natural' way of choosing a team, but I'd like to support one with a good fanbase, and ideally a team I'd be able to pick up tickets for if I did go and see them play. It'd also be good if the town/city they play in were somewhere worth visiting. Preferably, the club would be fairly stable (I read that Dortmund have had quite a bit of financial difficulty) but not a massive team (...I don't want to follow Bayern). A nice kit would also be a bonus I suppose the best way would be to start watching the Bundesliga next year and see who I'm drawn to, but I'd like to get a sense of some clubs, their histories etc. So, any German VTers or German football fans have any suggestions for me?
  4. MaVilla


    they have made a whopping 164m in sales this window, unreal. I do like me some Ajax, very well run club.
  5. I'm involved in recruiting for a top division side in Gibralatar if anyone on here know's any players who are looking for new club and been released. We will be looking at Cv's for the club:- Looking for UK based #footballers aged 16 to 20 for potential opportunity to play in #Gibraltar Premier League for next season. Email CV's to myself at:- footballtalentscouting@outlook.com
  6. If I'm not mistaken, there's a very interesting race brewing in the league co-efficients at the moment. The Premier League in 3rd place is currently beating the Serie A by 75.391 points to 72.832. That's a cumulative co-efficient over this season and the previous 4 (this season 5 is still going on) But ... For next season's tally they will both lose their 2012/13 score (13/14, 14/15, 15/16, 16/17, 17/18). That means England loses a 16.428 and Italy only loses a 14.416. All of a sudden the new totals would read 58.963 versus 58.416 with the new season to add on. So if Italy can out-perform the Premier League in Europe next season by over half a point, then the following season they would get the 4th Champions League slot and England drops to 3. Chortle. It's also worth remembering that both leagues still have someone in Europe this season, so their current 2016/17 scores of 14.357 for England and 13.750 for Italy could still change. For comparison, Spain are top with 104.141 and Germany are second on 79.498.
  7. Has anyone ever been to the San Siro to watch AC Milan? I'm there this month and want to go but cannot seem to buy tickets via AC Milan website as they are not appearing. I don't want to put money into Viagogo or any ticket touting rip off site if I can help it. If anyone has any ideas please let me know! Cheers
  8. A Madrid v Leicester Dortmund V Monaco Bayern V R Madrid Juventus V Barcelona 1st leg April 11 12 2nd leg April 18 19
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