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  1. Dick

    Tyrone Mings

    Mings can only get better?
  2. Yeah I don't want to play Leeds.
  3. A handball goal the only reason we are behind West Brom.
  4. Dick

    Dean Smith

    Best I've felt as a Villa fan since 98.
  5. Green stretching the right more than Adomah did all first half
  6. I can see Millwall scoring, we aren't doing enough to pin them back. We seem a little short with everything - passing, crossing, a lack of good shots.
  7. We need to be taking more shots on goal, not enough in the first half.
  8. Apart from the goal Kodjia has been poor. Adomah has been largely absent. Not the best half but we are winning so I can't complain.
  9. Haven't tested their keeper yet Kodjia not offering too much - he's sitting up top and waiting for action.

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