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  1. Dick

    Pre-Match Thread

    True, but I don't think it will be all about crosses, I think we will look to play through the middle a lot more.
  2. Dick

    Pre-Match Thread

    This. Plus it looks like players are, more or less, in the right positions.
  3. Dick

    Pre-Match Thread

    Dad home from hospital and an excited feeling about Villa. Love this weekend.
  4. Dick

    Pre-Match Thread

    I was kidding
  5. Dick

    Pre-Match Thread

    Defeat? Desperation? Disaster?
  6. Dick

    Dean Smith

    Wish I was there tomorrow, the energy will be incredible.
  7. Dick

    Christian Purslow

    Well he was quite positive about our finances, so we quite possibly might be the men in black soon. I'm here all week.
  8. Dick

    Dean Smith

    Tbf, Davis needed to be dropped. He wasn't playing too well at that point.
  9. Dick

    Christian Purslow

    Had a dream that we were back in the prem. Wolves and us had won a few competitions (this was our 3rd year in and we had won the league and FA cup, Wolves the same). So clubs like Man United and Liverpool put together a plan to change the rules so newly promoted clubs had to spend less money and couldn't win a trophy for 5 years.
  10. Dick

    Dean Smith

    There or thereabouts
  11. Dick

    Villa and FFP

    Interesting comments indeed.
  12. Dick

    Dean Smith

    I think so, just not used to it. Was hoping to be at the game this weekend but my dad was taken to hospital, so am now looking to come to the next home game. Looking forward now...
  13. Dick

    Scott Hogan

    Fingers crossed we have a positive future now. I certainly feel more confident!
  14. Dick

    Dean Smith

    This feels different, not sure what it is.
  15. Dick

    Dean Smith

    Yep, he doesn't think he knows it all. A nice touch!