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  1. Dick

    Conor Hourihane

    What a strange thing to say. Still suffering a Bruce hangover? You know, the man who can do no wrong and yet **** the club up.
  2. Dick

    Jack Grealish

    Something other than a shin injury. We don't know the full story.
  3. Dick

    Midweek Football 11/14 February

    Football. Is. Fixed.
  4. Dick

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Reborn as a dog?
  5. Dick

    The Cabbage

    He choked on a kebab. Or they didn't like him at that golf club and never gave him a chance, as he once played at the golf club down the road?
  6. Dick

    The Cabbage

    Spot on.
  7. Dick

    The Cabbage

    The bloke is an absolute word removed. He's obsessed with being 'hated', when fans only turned on him after the shit form this season. And actually, fans at VP were very vocal in support for a long time. Away fans always loud and proud I'll always hate the word removed. I understand exactly what Sunderland fans warned us of now.
  8. Dick

    General Chat

    Congrats @TheAuthority! I'm here to ask, has anybody ever had a period of time where they get **** injured constantly? October 2018, broke my ankle and also damaged nerves in my left foot. Got put on some really shitty meds for the pain. I've had a steroid injection in the foot recently. Two weeks ago, I dislocated my shoulder. It's absolutely agony. I'm all strapped up and find it hard to work on my computer due to my arm. Two days ago I broke fingers on my right hand! I feel like I'm training with Villa! So frustrated as I've had to turn down good opportunities recently.
  9. Dick

    Leeds United

    I'm guessing Leeds knew they might need injury time, so asked their player to fake illness. This is Leeds, after all. Them and their fans will do anything and know everything.
  10. Dick

    Conor Hourihane

    He doesn't fit the sort of player Smith needs for this team, unfortunately. I like him, but he needs to up his energy levels and movement by 50%.
  11. Dick

    Leeds United

    A Leeds fan will be along soon to answer all your questions and give you the winning lottery numbers.
  12. Dick

    Alan Hutton

    Nobody has an issue with him getting forward, it's the way he ambles back. Most of the time he is jogging back to cover a mistake he made in the first place. The effort he puts in to cover that mistake would not be needed if he didn't make obvious and consistent mistakes.
  13. Dick

    Leeds United

    Don't cry.
  14. Dick

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Quoting myself like the word removed I am.