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  1. Good watch, i really hope Delph doesnt get filed in the 'what good of been' folder in years to come
  2. I have been a massive Lambert supporter from day 1 and have always defended his decisions. Although I am starting to fall off the bandwagon. I am not itk and I don't know what happened behind the scenes in January but I think not buying a different type of midfielder could be Lambert's/villas downfall. Tonight was especially poor because of the tactics employed which comes down to the manager, I can't blame Lambert for the 2 goals which were lapses in concentration but his tactics he will have to take the blame for, particularly when we were playing good football at home a few weeks ago against west brom and in the last 20 mins against west ham we played good football and maybe should of pegged at least one back. I think albrighton needs to start as he offers something no one else in our team does. Perhaps Lambert sees him as a weapon off the bench, to attack tired legs, but we arnt in a position to enjoy that luxury, anyone who can make a difference should be starting. End rant
  3. I wish we took him back in the last window on loan instead of Everton, he's playing great over there in a team that is sitting in the top 6. Would of been great to have an experianced composed head at times this season
  4. I liked how we looked when he came on, as a natural wide player he hugs the touch line and gives us better shape. I think he should get a new deal and I hope he stays on
  5. Today I quite like the look of Portland into golden state into the bobcats for a juicy multi
  6. Just found this thread ! Looks fun and right up my alley! What's the game plan with it? 4 tips a day?
  7. why did you have to bring that back up...
  8. moore was one of the best in the country at around 16-17, i remember that fa cup youth finnal v everton that rooney played in and booth moores were much better, i guess you dont really know until someones about 20 how good they are going to be. non the less i have high hope for delfouneso!
  9. c'mon barry c'mon, to the tune of c'mon aussie c'mon, simple and easy
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