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  1. I would like the entrance music to be O Verona by Craig Armstrong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UOPGj5CfFM. If not this then the Redman Remix of the same tune, Smash Sumthin' ( http://www.myspace.com/video/dj-infinite/redman-smash-sumthin-39/8451591 ). Its like a fighters ring entrance music where your getting ready for battle.
  2. 19th minute ovation and one minutes round of applause for our super star captian petrov tomorrow. Model professional and 100% committment to Villa. Get well soon Stan!
  3. Albrighton needed dragging today for weiman not zoggy! He is quickly showing he is out of his depth! No trick, pace or crossing ability why does he get a starting position? I started this thread a while back and he has got worse since then and more fans are beginning to realise this.
  4. If the club wont listen to what we have to say then we should stop talking, singing, chanting and clapping altogether. A silent protest at the start of the fulham game for the player entrance n first 10 to 15 mins of the match starting would be a big statement that the club doesnt listen to the voice of the fans with respect to OUR club and protest against mcleish ruining our premier league status.
  5. Capello is gone! There is only one man that can take an average team and make it worst..... His Ginger, Scottish and a face only a mother can love!!!
  6. Who's gona be the new england manager? I really hope its Mcleish!!!
  7. Enda should be lb and lichaj should be rb
  8. Lets shut this thread down as we all agree to disagree. The joy of opinions.
  9. I'm drawing a line under this now as i have to teach five maths lessons tomoro and need to get my beauty sleep. Sweet dreams everyone and god bless. That includeds you too villaandloyal and villaalex
  10. I'm clutching at straws? Coming from the person who just tried to justify Downing's stats by saying he is playing in a "poor" side You couldn't make it up! If Liverpool are a poor side then what kind of side is Marc having to play in? I've laid out bare facts, compared with a different number of comparable players. More than you tried to do. Your deluded hatred for Marc is both baffling and vile. Give it a rest, will you? One player comparison. Is that you justification? Stuart downing is the whole basis of your arguement. What about the list of players i put who are more successful then MA and younger than him. Did you see their sta ts? How well they are playing? The success they produce each week. The premier league is full of quality ,young ,attacking players shame MA is not one of them!
  11. And since then his stats get worse and worse. 13 crosses per assist. If you wanted to know.
  12. 110% of people cant use percentages properly and 60% fo poelpe cnat sepll. Fact!
  13. Would like bale or albrighton? Downing is playing in a poor side so his individual stats are poor.yiu may as well use young and say he is playing crap cos he is injured. Downing and young villa stats are better then MA. You are clutching at straws to justify MA being a good player. He is NOT!
  14. I think you'll find the success of young downing and zoggy is better. Did you just guess they would be worse? 27 games means he makes double the crosses then. So at 6 crosses a game he sets up a goal every 3 games. Thats so much better i'm so glad you corrected me. Please sign him up long term before someone tries to buy him like swindon or oldhamor crewe!!!!
  15. http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/players/profile.statistics.html/marc-albrighton?tableView=PLAYER_STATS&clubId=&playedAt=BOTH&timelineView=CUMMULATIVELY&toSeason=2011-2012 Good stats site for those interested. By the way 164 crosses and 9 assists? An assist every 18 crosses. seems how MA has played 49 games that means on average he makes 3 crosses a game. So on average every 6 games he sets up a goal. Woah! Is that good? I thought it was very bad but so many people keep saying how amazing MA is? I must not understand this game, i thought wingers helped score goals.
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