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  1. Reina was excellent I thought, love how he commands the defence.
  2. kiltorken

    Dean Smith

    Well done Dean Smith, the improvement since lockdown has been immense.
  3. Be looking for a very favourable goal difference swing though to still be alive in that scenario. But yeah keeps us alive in theory.
  4. We need to beat arsenal, be an extraordinary set of circumstances to stay up otherwise.
  5. Ah yeah fair enough but if be surprised if el Ghazi did well at a high level if he left us.
  6. We definitely shouldn't be putting up with that type of player. I personally don't think he's a Traore either, hasn't got the mentality in my opinion. Technically he can do some lovely things but he didn't even look that impressive in the championship, Traore destroyed teams at that level before he honed his skills. Think trezeguet could be a decent player even though he's been largely crap, at least he shows the right attitude.
  7. Yeah I'd be thinking man u would beat West ham so in theory at least finishing above West ham is in our hands if they lose tomorrow. But obviously could still go down with West ham in that scenario.
  8. So many permutations, so many teams would give you a headache. At least there's an outside chance. Have no idea what result we want tomorrow though.
  9. Have a really bad feeling Bournemouth will win their two games, two games against Southampton and Everton who have nothing to play for.
  10. I think that is El Ghazis best unfortunately. He's not got it in him to go through players like that even trezeguet I think would have put his body on the line for that and it would have been game over.
  11. kiltorken

    Dean Smith

    If they don't know the basics they shouldn't be playing at this level, do you think Ferguson asked Roy keane to close lads down? Plenty of arguments against Smith, he wasn't my choice from the beginning but I think he's being unfairly fingered for all our trevails now. We have poor players and a manager who's incompetent /learning his trade.
  12. Very true I can't make my mind up fully on whether the players are more at fault or the coaching staff. Probably both. The fact that Brentford have gone from strength to strength since Smith left doesn't look good for him. I'm very thankful we have nswe at the helm right now, they don't like making bad investment long term. (hope they don't cut the chord)
  13. Surely any defender worth his salt woundnt need that particular mistake to be shown to him. Its either cowardly or brain dead.
  14. kiltorken

    Dean Smith

    True, I think he was naive to try play attacking football with the players he has. Major oversight, I think he learned his lesson too late. Edit: but there's no way you can legislate for defenders standing off strikers shooting from the edge of the box or players playing suicide balls across the square, doesn't matter what the manager or system is that's basics of defending and a lot of our players simply don't know the basics.
  15. kiltorken

    Dean Smith

    Although I'm not in the Dean Smith camp and he's made plenty of mistakes I can't get over my overriding feeling from this season that has been individual mistakes, littered with them in almost every game. Even some of out "good" players namely mcginn, mings and not to mention our not so good players. Dean Smith hasn't done a good job this season but my god we've got some poor players. I find it hard to take all the blame out on him with the brain dead mistakes I've witnessed.
  16. He's got all the attributes to be a top class centre half but he simply doesn't have the defensive instinct. Makes the wrong decision too much and you get found out at this level. He'll be a colossus in the championship.
  17. Climbing the table without even playing. Sign of a good team.
  18. Good team performance almost let down by Konsa I think who played a square ball under no pressure and nearly gave another typical cheap own goal. We need much better performances to rescue the season.
  19. I think he can play football but he's obscenely off the pace, he was a vital cog in a Leicester title winning team 4 or 5 years ago which is why they bought him. That drinkwater seems to have gone. On evidence of watching him this season for us he either isn't bothered or or hasn't got the legs any more.
  20. Don't rely care that much about the headbutting, just prefer to see the back of him because he's crap. Jog on
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