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  1. Shocking first half performance not helped by injuries, much better second half and probably on top overall in the 2nd half but wolves are as tough as old boots, our impotece up top was magnified by their resoluteness. Personally not that worried by today, bad day at the office. Luiz, excellent passing but soft in defense, why he didn't drag Adama down and take a yellow I don't know. McGinn, not good today, tried as usual but was too deep to be effective. Wesley,, had one of his poorer games, that miss when trez cut it in to him was a particular lowlight. Konsa, best player today in my opinion apart from getting skinned late on in the game under immense pressure. Will be a fine centre half in years to come. Trez, tried his best and worried wolves going forward but very slow to come back and defend at times.
  2. Konsa looks very promising, his reading of the game and coolness on the ball is very impressive for such a young centre half.
  3. Got a stray boot to the head in a tumble, looked mildly concussed.
  4. What a performance from our boys made me proud to witness it. We'll dominate them soon enough. Liverpool shite fans
  5. Just hope we give a good account of ourselves and fight till the end, any point would be a bonus. Hard to legislate for Mane, Salah, Arnold, Robertson etc. In saying that they're playing man City next week so they might slightly have their eye off the ball. we need to make VP as uncomfortable for them as possible
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    Does anyone know which pub(s) away fans are welcome near the stadium?
  7. That's it exactly, hit the nail on the head. His innate ability to glide past defenders and bring others into play would be almost impossible to replace. He's a truly unique player, our jack.
  8. Jack's a lot of things but a left winger isn't one of them , it's hard to put any position on him other than a free role attacking player. He's at his best when he can float around in the attacking third, predominantly from a central and left/right of central position. He's a free spirit, an attacking midfielder in the the matt le tissier mould I think , very hard to shoe horn him into any specific position and most importantly he's a team player. Also I'm quite sure you've watched Mount play at least once at Wembley last May ! (could understand how you didn't notice him though to be fair) Edit: if only he could learn to shoot like le tissier....
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    How many members are there does anybody know? Must be 12-15k comfortably based on how quickly those 9000 non season tickets went.
  10. I'm genuinely embarrassed by how good we are. I wonder will it become boring at some point when we win like this every week.
  11. kiltorken

    Dean Smith

    Frustrating start to the season but judging by the comments I think I'm in the minority when I'm actually optimistic about the season based on what I've seen. We've gone toe to toe with everyone so far and were a couple of poor decisions away from being mid table. Yes, obviously closing out games appears to be an issue but I'm fairly confident that will change for the better. We haven't been outclassed by anyone so far.
  12. I saw people on twitter commending his passion in relation to the mings incident. I think that's a load of crap, the only thing he was passionate about was covering his arse for his mistake. I think he'd be better served keeping his mouth shut and listening to Mings.
  13. Personally thought he kept the ball very well and was dangerous cutting inside.
  14. Can't wrap my head around the negative comments for Grealish, mcginn and Jota. Thought they played very well.
  15. Big Al is smiling on for us tonight I'm sure, wouldn't be up without ya old chap.
  16. What a performance against one of the teams who should be muscling in on top 6. Unfortunately I could only watch on TV tonight due to not living in In England but I never saw villa park rocking so much in all my years going, made me so proud being a villan hearing the noise over the TV tonight. I feel we are part of a runaway train marching in the direction of success. Hope the owners and Smith stay for the long haul. Patience and appreciation are key for us this season I think.
  17. Yep, that gif literally captured my thoughts on the matter very succinctly
  18. He was excellent, truly exceptional. The guile and ingenuity he showed and oozed confidence. Great performance from the dainty man.
  19. How good was big Wesley, hope he tones down how good he is. Don't want the sky teams sniffing around
  20. Jesus yeah, how did I forget about that whole debacle.
  21. Shneiderlin on Mcginn, surely a red there too
  22. I thought he did OK today considering the scraps he was feeding off, didn't have much service. Harsh to judge him based on the first two games I think.
  23. Taylor was excellent today to be fair, Elmo was ok.
  24. Can't gift any team 2 goals in this league, defences are too good at holding out against better teams than villa. We played some nice stuff at times but in reality we were very impotent up front, even our goal had to be a long range worldy. Too many careless passes from all over the pitch including mcginn and Grealish, Grealish I think looks like his confidence was knocked in the spurs game even tho i thought he actually played well until his mistake caused the goal, was poor today, struggling with the pace of the prem but his class will prevail. Douglas's passing was great but he did seem to get out muscled from time to time, in hindsight Hourihanes set pieces could have been vital today.
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