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  1. I saw people on twitter commending his passion in relation to the mings incident. I think that's a load of crap, the only thing he was passionate about was covering his arse for his mistake. I think he'd be better served keeping his mouth shut and listening to Mings.
  2. Personally thought he kept the ball very well and was dangerous cutting inside.
  3. Can't wrap my head around the negative comments for Grealish, mcginn and Jota. Thought they played very well.
  4. Big Al is smiling on for us tonight I'm sure, wouldn't be up without ya old chap.
  5. What a performance against one of the teams who should be muscling in on top 6. Unfortunately I could only watch on TV tonight due to not living in In England but I never saw villa park rocking so much in all my years going, made me so proud being a villan hearing the noise over the TV tonight. I feel we are part of a runaway train marching in the direction of success. Hope the owners and Smith stay for the long haul. Patience and appreciation are key for us this season I think.
  6. Yep, that gif literally captured my thoughts on the matter very succinctly
  7. He was excellent, truly exceptional. The guile and ingenuity he showed and oozed confidence. Great performance from the dainty man.
  8. How good was big Wesley, hope he tones down how good he is. Don't want the sky teams sniffing around
  9. Jesus yeah, how did I forget about that whole debacle.
  10. Shneiderlin on Mcginn, surely a red there too
  11. I thought he did OK today considering the scraps he was feeding off, didn't have much service. Harsh to judge him based on the first two games I think.
  12. Taylor was excellent today to be fair, Elmo was ok.
  13. Can't gift any team 2 goals in this league, defences are too good at holding out against better teams than villa. We played some nice stuff at times but in reality we were very impotent up front, even our goal had to be a long range worldy. Too many careless passes from all over the pitch including mcginn and Grealish, Grealish I think looks like his confidence was knocked in the spurs game even tho i thought he actually played well until his mistake caused the goal, was poor today, struggling with the pace of the prem but his class will prevail. Douglas's passing was great but he did seem to get out muscled from time to time, in hindsight Hourihanes set pieces could have been vital today.
  14. There's something very comforting about having two pure quality centre backs and keeper. Goals against us will be thoroughly earned this season.
  15. I actually thought that Wesley was decent today considering the circumstances. He hadn't much to work with in fairness.
  16. Aound 2500 of the 3000 allocation sold after the 12+ away games criteria.
  17. Does anyone know if that ticket exchange site is coming back this season?
  18. Did the same although I only got 11s. Still think there's value in it. Maybe too much value... I'm not in it for the money. Just hope every one has a swell old time, might back that actually.
  19. Think Venezuela might surprise a few people in this. Some very good young players coming through. Also don't think the the big teams are very strong at the moment.
  20. He's the real symbol of our decline? Not Lescott, Ireland, Beye, Bennett, Richards Mccormack, Veretout, gestede, grant holt etc. He's the real symbol of of decline in that he's the only one who stuck it out fighting when all the others left. The day he left was the day we got back up. Symbol of our resurgence and never say die attitude would be be more accurate.
  21. Bit of an obvious suggestion but would love if we signed Benrahma from Brentford along with Maupay. Both very young with bags of potential and look well capable enough for the Premier league.
  22. He was an integral part of last seasons promotion push playing out of position in a good defence including having Adama Traore in his pocket in last seasons playoffs who was one of the most feared attacking players in the league at the time. He's not a Richards /Mccormack type who didn't give a shite, he gave his all at times others weren't. He was far from being the worst full back we've had in recent years in my opinion.

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