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  1. Think Venezuela might surprise a few people in this. Some very good young players coming through. Also don't think the the big teams are very strong at the moment.
  2. He's the real symbol of our decline? Not Lescott, Ireland, Beye, Bennett, Richards Mccormack, Veretout, gestede, grant holt etc. He's the real symbol of of decline in that he's the only one who stuck it out fighting when all the others left. The day he left was the day we got back up. Symbol of our resurgence and never say die attitude would be be more accurate.
  3. Bit of an obvious suggestion but would love if we signed Benrahma from Brentford along with Maupay. Both very young with bags of potential and look well capable enough for the Premier league.
  4. He was an integral part of last seasons promotion push playing out of position in a good defence including having Adama Traore in his pocket in last seasons playoffs who was one of the most feared attacking players in the league at the time. He's not a Richards /Mccormack type who didn't give a shite, he gave his all at times others weren't. He was far from being the worst full back we've had in recent years in my opinion.
  5. Cheers pal, nah he didn't say much to be honest. Just thought it was very decent of him to stop and take the time for a few fans. Very pleasant man.
  6. It wouldn't say he was wandering around, more walking purposely but he stopped and took a few pictures with a hand full of villans who happened to be there.
  7. https://ibb.co/h1hgsPr Think this works?
  8. There was a group of 5 or 6 including Wes and Nassaf, she could have been there but I didn't notice to be honest.
  9. Tyrone King, best centre back since Laursen in my opinion.
  10. Have a picture but it's "too large" to upload must be my forehead, camera adds 10 kilos apparently though
  11. Met him after the game, absolute gentleman. Humble and sound.
  12. Glenn will start tomorrow and he'll upset mount and Wilson. Drain the life out of them. Hourihane to come on after and ping in a few winners
  13. kiltorken


    I'm actually exhausted from my lack of sleep due to the excitement /stress this week. I sincerely hope the players aren't as mentally fragile as me.
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