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  1. Climbing the table without even playing. Sign of a good team.
  2. Good team performance almost let down by Konsa I think who played a square ball under no pressure and nearly gave another typical cheap own goal. We need much better performances to rescue the season.
  3. I think he can play football but he's obscenely off the pace, he was a vital cog in a Leicester title winning team 4 or 5 years ago which is why they bought him. That drinkwater seems to have gone. On evidence of watching him this season for us he either isn't bothered or or hasn't got the legs any more.
  4. Don't rely care that much about the headbutting, just prefer to see the back of him because he's crap. Jog on
  5. Championship player of the month, fair play to him. https://ibb.co/M2vB8TD
  6. kiltorken


    Same boat as you, I sent an email to the ticket office today but got no response. Will call them tomorrow. I've gotten refunds in the past before games.
  7. Could see why you'd be wary considering thats a lot of terminals to be traveling through.
  8. When and where is the holiday?
  9. Travelling from Dublin to Birmingham on Friday through to Sunday for the Chelsea game with the old man, while I'm not normally a worrier I'm a bit concerned about his wellbeing seeing as hes in his 70s bit worried about him picking something up. Should we give this one a miss?
  10. Fair point but how would you rate his passing and general ball skills at the moment?
  11. He's definitely worth keeping as a squad player based on his defensive displays and hopefully he'll improve on the ball skills in the future which would be great but at the moment his passing is very wasteful and makes a lot of unforced errors.
  12. A good defender but not comfortable enough on the ball, in my opinion he's a more energetic Neil Taylor. I would hope to sign an improvement in the summer.
  13. Grealish and mings didn't pick up injuries, that's the only positive I can take from that game.
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