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  1. Grealish and mings didn't pick up injuries, that's the only positive I can take from that game.
  2. That kind of performance just drains the hope, some of the passing today was horrendous. I'd take guilbert and Trez out for Elmo and anybody at the moment.
  3. What is the letter of the law out of interest? I would have thought a keeper could have thrown a punch at an incoming ball.
  4. Quite similar to the last game against them, conceded two poor goals first half and couldn't break down their resolute defending while they protected their lead. They did defend very well second half to be fair to them.
  5. Yeah, really like the look of him. Seems like an intelligent footballer with technical ability to match along with a decent work rate. Very encouraging signs so far.
  6. Probably been mentioned but I thought Vasilev didn't look out of place, didn't set the world alight but was very useful.
  7. The lack of fight is a worry in fairness but I think Bournemouth and Norwich will go down and I think we'll sneak up, hopefully Brighton or Burnley will fall apart
  8. Fair play on making that trip! I wouldn't think today was a season defining game tho. City and Liverpool are lightyears ahead of the rest of the league.
  9. Championship playoff winners get beaten comfortably by the reigning Premier league champions. Hold the front page.
  10. Yeah to be fair we were playing the Harlem Globetrotters of the Premier who I think will put a few more scorlines like that up this season. They've got noting to lose so are playing with a freedom. But our defending was very weak.
  11. Soft defending killed us, trying to win the ball cleanly. Basics of defending, STOP THE ATTACK, TAKE THE BALL OR THE MAN, don't let them waltz through.
  12. Just from watching on telly I thought our fans were great singing the whole way through, credit to the club.
  13. If you read my whole post it alluded to him suffering from confidence issues causing him to appear crap rather than him actually losing his football abilities. Do you understand? Apologies it was such a complex piece I wrote.
  14. Completely speaking from the heart rather than the head but bring him home, he's been crap for years but he didn't just become a crap player. His confidence is shot. He needs to be loved, might give him a second wind coming back. I'd take him over Glen Murray. He has a unique track record of keeping villa up.
  15. kiltorken

    Pepe Reina

    "Sky sources" are reporting a 6 month loan and that he'll return to Milan in the summer.
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