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  1. Would never have asked for it but very pleased it's happened, welcome back Ashley. Great pro to have around, can only have a positive influence on the group. Born winner.
  2. I'm not a barkley fan boy boy any stretch but I genuinely thought he made a positive impact tonight. Getting disposed by city is quite a simple thing to achieve especially when teammates don't seem to want to receive the ball. I thought he at least looked to receive the ball and make forward passes to teammates without just hoofing it forwards. I'm judging the game in itself not based off the whole season. He's been abysmal in most appearances since he's come back I agree with that.
  3. Agreed with everything you said except I thought barkley was genuinely decent tonight for a change. He tried to get on the ball and make things happen and other than one poor pass down the left wing his passing was good, more than can be said for some others.
  4. What a poor decision out of cash, he was excellent up until that point, tonight and for the whole season. Barkely played well when he came on, glad to see it and hopefully he'll kick on. Luiz was OK some decent passing at times but miles off what we know he can do. Not a bad performance but not a great one either, man City have a great way of strangling opponents once the go ahead.
  5. kiltorken

    Keinan Davis

    Excellent point. He's clearly got the strength and technical ability. Maybe a run of games and the confidence that brings could propel him.
  6. kiltorken

    Keinan Davis

    Interesting, I'd view him solely as target man in a front two. And as everyone have said I don't think there'd be a more popular lad to make it at villa. He's been very unlucky with chances in the brief appearances he's gotten. Fingers crossed he'll be part of the setup going forwards.
  7. Excellent substitutions, fair play to trezeguet and keinan. Very disappointed with with how much Luiz has regressed since last season and early this season. Looks he's he's just going through the motions although to be fair he doesn't seem to be getting support from teammates, not being given a simple option a lot of the time.
  8. Hate being critical of Martinez who's been immense this season but he was very poor for goal 2 and 3 and suspect for the first, didn't cover himself in glory against Burnley too. Barkley was awful, really disappointed in how poor he was again. Nothing positive to say about that display. Fair play to West ham they completely out worked us tonight, very similar to the Burnley second half i thought.
  9. Burnley are a tricky outfit who have more success generally against the bigger teams. Fair play to them they out fought us second half. Thought we looked a bit arrogant second half if I'm being honest, trying to carry the ball past Burnley players like they weren't there. Say what you like about them but they can all throw a tackle in. Needed to be more street smart in that second half. As much as I appreciate what a good footballer barkley is going forwards he doesn't offer a lot when we're on the back foot same with traore, lovely to watch going forwards but having both in the same team is dangerous.
  10. Burnley did exactly what they're good at second half, stifled us, caused us plenty of problems, got lucky. Our heavy pressing that's served us so well so far actually worked against us 2nd half. Starting to see why pep has reduced his pressing tactics this season, leaves you exposed to the likes of Burnley. Although on another night we're out of sight at half time.
  11. My god Newcastle must be a depressing team to follow.
  12. John Moss can be a crap as he likes for offsides, we now have a system to correct these mistakes. I'm perplexed why var didn't reverse it, was there a breakdown in communication?
  13. Or in other words pogbas trailing leg hit Luizis leg. What's your point? Not trying to be argumentitive but Luiz had more legitimate claim for a foul than that word removed
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