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  1. kiltorken

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    Take your mind off it pal, throw on a Spotify playlist to lighten your mood. Maybe The Smith's?
  2. kiltorken

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    To match last seasons points total we'd need to win 13 of the remaining 14 games. That's depressing.
  3. kiltorken

    Ratings & Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    To be fair I thought defensively we looked good which is a good sign in my opinion in that I'm a staunch believer that any team worth their salt sets up from the back. I only managed to catch the second half but I thought we were OK against a good Brentford team. They have some fine attacking players who were kept at bay until Elphick dived in gave the opportunity to Maupay. I thought we looked solid which was nice, realistically promotion hopes are gone for this season but in my opinion we have to be reasonably solid first before we can finesse our attacking play with next season in mind. Individually I thought Hourihane was ineffective as usual (putting it mildly), Elphick was a bit reckless, Green seemed poor but was isolated, Elmo was rusty. Whelan, Mings and Abraham were good from what i saw.
  4. kiltorken

    Glenn Whelan

    For a player who gets a disproportionate amount of abuse from his own fans he was immense last night. Demanded the ball instead of hiding from it and pushing forward when needed instead of sitting back. We would not have rescued a point without him. Fair play to him.
  5. kiltorken

    Pre-Match Thread

    So was I until I read that, thanks for jinxing it pal...
  6. kiltorken

    Tyrone Mings

    Seems to me that no one has a clue whether he meant to leave a boot in or not and are building an argument based on what they want to believe.
  7. kiltorken

    Tyrone Mings

    I watched it in real time as well but it wasn't zoomed in so I could only see a tangle. Anyway, if he is the type to do that intentionally he'll be found out eventually, if he isn't then he wont. I still reckon there's not enough evidence for either argument to be sure of. His pervious stamp on Ibra can't be just dismissed as irrelevant but it also doesn't confirm guilt in this incident either.
  8. kiltorken

    Tyrone Mings

    I've watched the clip in slow motion about 50 times and I still can't decide whether there was any intent there, its inconclusive for me. The question is whether he was involved in a very unfortunate incident or whether he has psychotic short fuse. That question will only answer itself over time.
  9. kiltorken

    Tyrone Mings

    Stamping on someone's face on the ground isn't hard, it's the equivalent of glassing someone who isn't looking on a night out. Cowardly. Again, I hope it wasn't intentional.
  10. kiltorken

    Tyrone Mings

    He's been involved in two head stamps already in less than 100 professional games, the Ibra one looks intentional at least which itself is hugely worrying regardless of the treatment he received during the match it's a deranged response if intentional . Its possible both were genuine accidents but I think he can't afford to be involved with anything like that again or his career is finished, he's on thin ice.
  11. kiltorken

    Glenn Whelan

    From a defensive point of view if you actually watch the work he does off the ball covering space, cutting off channels he's actually quite effective and his passing is nowhere near as bad as people make out. Another one consigned to scapegoatism here. Either way he will be replaced in the summer regardless of your opinion of him so constantly ripping into him serves no purpose. If Dean Smith reckons he's good enough for the first team at the moment then he must have something about him unless of course you think Smith is a moron who has no idea what he's doing.
  12. kiltorken

    Glenn Whelan

    To be fair it's most successful teams in the past few seasons operate with a designated DM, WC 2018 – France – Kante Euro 2016 – Portugal - William Carvalho Prem 2018 – City - Fernandinho Prem 2017 – Chelsea – Kante Prem 2016 – Leicester – Kante Champions League 2018 – Real Madrid - Casemiro Champions League 2017 – Real Madrid - Casemiro Champions League 2016 – Real Madrid - Casemiro
  13. Bit jealous of West broms 3 signings Johansen, montero and Jacob Murphy
  14. kiltorken

    Steve Bruce

    Yeah I wouldn't blame him to be fair but that's beside the point.