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  1. I have it the other way personally, I think Crawford beats Spence but we won't know until they actually fight I suppose. Definitely both top 5 lb for lb fighters. I really hope they make that fight next year, although knowing boxing they probably won't.
  2. "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." In fairness to Khan it was a total mismatch, it was a ridiculous fight to stage. I actually thought Khan did well to survive the first round he tried to make a contest of it with a few decent combos but he's simply not in the same league as Crawford. While it made for a poor spectacle with the low blow ending the fight I actually thought it was the humane call from Virgil Hunter, Khan couldn't win that fight and was taking a lot of heavy shots.
  3. I have a healthy respect for West broms team, Dwight gayle and Jay Rodrigues are prem strikers and really that squad should be in the top two. On the other hand I think I think we are well capable of beating them, as a cohesive unit I think we are the best oiled machine in the league (at the moment).
  4. kiltorken

    Dean Smith

    These last few months have felt like a glorious dream I don't ever want to wake up from.
  5. "OK" is a bit harsh in my opinion, He was pretty much impeccable when he came on, his block late on saved what looked like a certain goal going in.
  6. I get the feeling Rotherham away will be a tougher game than people are expecting. They're fighting for their lives now and will have taken confidence from beating forrest. It's definitely not a gimmie anyway.
  7. Think Chtibello is a great price in the 15:25 at 16/1.
  8. With all due respect Leeds dominated us from start to finish in that game, we fortunately led by two at the break but they eventually got a deserved win. Given the return of Grealish and the introduction of Hause/Mings we centainly will be feared even by Leeds I agree with you on that.
  9. If we do make the playoffs which I think we have a great chance of doing so I would hope Leeds won't also be in the playoffs. Had the same feeling about Fulham last season although in saying that I think we're better equipped to deal with Leeds than we were with fulham.
  10. Backed 4 horses today: Sir Erec (fell), Eclair de Balfeu (fell), Kemboy (fell). Luckily the 4th was Al Boum Photo. Thought my luck was really out after that first fence !
  11. City Island in the 13:30 Delta work in 14:10 Killutagh Vic 14:50 E/w trixie. Won on Espoir D'allen and Klassical dream yesterday so that's probably all my winners used up for the week.
  12. But we also want sheff utd to tail off a bit as well so Leeds and Norwich are already promoted by the time we play them. A draw would probably be the best result in the Brentford game
  13. An absolute colossus today, opposing forwards must dread playing against him.
  14. He had a look of innocence about him, mentally, probably the mental age of a small child. The support he received from the fans behind the goal was worse for me. A complete bunch of degenerate inbreds. I honestly don't remember being so contented with a win especially with Jack getting the winner. I'm almost in a state of nirvana, pure contentment.
  15. Mildly disappointed mings didn't do as such
  16. The midfield 3 were so good today, hard to drop any of them for mcginn next week.
  17. Is he yeah?! Ah OK, case closed then. Thanks for your guidance on football.
  18. In the last 5 or 6 years no player has played with more pride for the shirt than Hutton, he's put more than enough effort in to the cause to deserve respect from villa fans regardless of personal views of him as a player. I'll be sad to see him go.
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