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  1. Re watch the first goal and tell me Elmo was the only player at fault.
  2. I thought he had a good game in general but he definitely made a crucial error for the first goal . That can be excused by inexperience, I wouldn't hold one mistake against him.
  3. You didn't think not closing down Clark to give him a free shot on goal from 10 yards out for the first was bad?
  4. Any chance we can stop referring back to Bruce after every bad result? So boring at this stage. James Bree and Elmo with two total brain farts cost us two goals but we were largely outplayed all over the pitch for most of the game and Leeds had a makeshift defence with a lot of kids thrown in.
  5. kiltorken

    Dean Smith

    Great Post, agree with most of that. Just on the last point about blame, I personally think when you play expansive football as we are trying to do at the moment, you are naturally going to leave yourself more exposed and that's the sacrifice with playing this type of football as I'm starting to realise. Even if you have the best players in the league when you're playing offensive front foot football you have to allow for soft goals going against as the team is more exposed, we still only have 11 players afterall. Its easy to have a go at our starting 11 when things don't go right but that back 4 are good by championship standards at least. Stoke have good quality players for this league and they played well stifling us and that's what they did today and fair play to them. teams in general will also figure a way to stifle us and we need to rise to that. I think Smith will hopefully get around this. I wouldn't want anyone other the Smith to navigate this season to be honest.
  6. Well Whelan for Grealish for one but Stoke set their stall up to stifle us and it worked. Probably have to get used to teams doing this.
  7. Shite performance and fortunate to get a point. Need to be a lot sharper against Leeds.
  8. Result aside, El Ghazi was a joy to watch, What a performance, himself and Bolaise will terrorise teams this season.
  9. I suppose it shows how far we've come recently that we are gutted by an away draw at one of the best teams in the league.
  10. How did the linesman not see the hand ball (the second one) clearly looking at it.
  11. Dwight gayle the cheeky prick leaving the boot in on nyland
  12. His end product has been excellent even ignoring the goals, hugely impressive.
  13. And two up at the most, don't want to ruin it as a spectacle.
  14. Yeah the defensive aspect was equally as impressive as the forward play, how quickly they got into a good defensive shape after losing possession was impressive. Teams must really be dreading having to face us now.
  15. kiltorken

    Dean Smith

    Yeah it'll be a good retirement gig for him when he's in his late 60s.
  16. This was against a Boro side that conceded 10 in their last 19 league games. Remarkable turnaround, we've got a very good manager on our hands.
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