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  1. We're in the right thread here. The spelling of both center & parcs for a Dutch/British company that spells neither centre nor parks in that way. Fffffuuuuu.
  2. BOF

    Formula One - 2019

    In related news, Formula 2 championship leader and champion elect, Nyck de Vries (24), has signed with Mercedes for Formula E next season. That gives you some indication of the dearth of F1-ready talent in F2 this season after Russell, Albon & Norris's promotions. I was looking down the ages of the championship and there are very few drivers under 23 years old in the top 10. The only ones doing any good are Sergio Sette Camara in the battle for 2nd place (21yo & signed to McLaren) and Renault's Guanyu Zhou (20). The younger drivers are further down (Schumacher, Mazepin) and may be ready after next season, plus there are some decent drivers in F3 (Shwartzman, Vips, Armstrong) who I would expect to feature in next season's F2 title race. Poor old Dan Ticktum (remember him?) is currently sitting 17th with a solitary point in the Super Formula series in Japan after being dropped by Red Bull after 3 rounds.
  3. BOF

    Formula One - 2019

    OK well hopefully some big progress for them over the winter so.
  4. That promo video. What an absolute pile of arse AIDS.
  5. BOF

    Formula One - 2019

    Yeah slightly surprised by the Haas news. Hopefully Hulkenberg can get Giovinazzi's Alfa seat now.
  6. ^ This. IOW the brain is a **** for filling in the gaps
  7. And interestingly, the Irish Claíomh is pronounced kleev, as in 'to cleave'.
  8. Hall of fame adult movie star Jessica Jaymes. My thoughts & prayers are with @rjw63 at this very difficult time. EDIT : I've had a minutes wank in her honour. Well, 40 seconds.
  9. Yep, you 'battle' cancer. You 'battle' many things. You don't battle MND. You just wait.
  10. Some very early; and therefore largely useless; statistical observations so far this season. All of our points have been won on TV. 3 games 4 pts. Our first half record in games has us on 8pts and our second half record sees us on 7pts. Both together combine for 4pts. So we need to string some halves together. We've yet to win any points by out-possessing an opponent. Only the Bournemouth game had >50% possession and that's because they sat on a 2-0 gift. So far this season we've conceded first on 2 occasions and lost both games. We've scored first on 2 occasions and won 1 lost 1. No-one yet has 2 goals or 2 assists this season. McGinn has one of each.
  11. Obviously you'd assume this is a defeat. I will find it interesting though. Our defence is rock solid and their only proper threat so far has been Aubameyang. Obviously if you're looking to break a duck, you traditionally play Villa, so enter Pépé stage right. If the lads at the back can handle Auba then fingers crossed the midfield can continue on their upward trajectory, and Wesley can be one game closer to full acclimatisation. Arsenal are good but they're not to be feared, as Watford proved last weekend. The extra Thursday game will give us a slight advantage. If one thing's for sure, it's that Emery takes the Arsenal Cup very seriously. I'll predict a 2-0 but I'm hoping for a shock 0-1.
  12. Reminded me of the Peugeot Oxia from my childhood, minus the sulky lower lip.

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