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  1. That's exactly my thinking. Harrison tore them a new one. It's just that Auba is the ultimate troll.
  2. I've decided against a 2nd hit this week to get Salah as it would mean selling Aubameyang before Sheffield United. So I just need Momo to hold off for one more week if it's not too much to ask.
  3. Point of note. Louie Barry has now either scored or assisted in his last 9 consecutive league matches.
  4. Front page stats updated with Fulham defeat. Barry moves on to 12 goals and Philogene-Bidace gets his 3rd assist of the season before Fulham moved into top gear. A relatively template first 11 for us other than Harrison Sohna coming in for only his 5th start of the campaign. Our 6th youngest starting 11 of the season at 18.39y/o (youngest was 18.11y/o). In the other game, Boro won 4-2 at Reading to overtake both of us and move into 5th place. Back to Bodymoor next Friday for a 7pm kickoff against Leeds United.
  5. BOF

    Formula One - 2021

    Linkety clickings Hamilton takes paycut ^^ I found the wage estimates to be more interesting though
  6. I've adjusted the fixtures on the front page. We knew about the Fulham game being moved forward to tomorrow from Monday. It seems they've also moved the Middlesbrough game at the end of the month from Monday 26th back to Sunday 25th, still kicking off at 14:00.
  7. Y'know ... she is still dead so that should still work.
  8. I brought him in this week so I expect he'll be on their bench and still somehow receive a red card.
  9. In fairness I'd say that's the dream of every product manufacturer if you can do it.
  10. What's also very telling, typical and expected is DUP leader, Arlene Foster's response where she watches the footage of attempted murder of a bus driver and then in a textbook example of whataboutery claims 'the real law breakers' are elsewhere. Because of course throwing petrol bombs isn't real law breaking to her. Still, the footage takes me back.
  11. Happy to find out on Thatcher death day - Happy Thatcher death day btw - that, contrary to the popular myth, she didn't in fact help to develop soft serve ice cream. The process of adding air to ice cream. It was already out a decade before she worked at J Lyons.
  12. I only posted it for the benefit of pedants, knowing how VT works Yes it's water reflecting his jacket.
  13. Referee: Paul Tierney. Assistants: Simon Bennett, Constantine Hatzidakis. Fourth official: Chris Kavanagh. VAR: Andy Madley. Assistant VAR: Adrian Holmes. This is Tierney's 4th time in charge of a Villa game this season and he has yet to preside over a Villa victory. Three of Villa's most miserable outings of the season actually. The 3-0 hiding off Leeds. The infuriating and bewildering 3-2 defeat to Burnley and the recent 1-1 draw at St. James' Park. I'm not confident this will be his first, despite our recent successes against them. I'm not saying we won't win. I'm just saying I ca
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