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  1. This is a really interesting game on many levels. On one hand United are flying, so they'll be tough. But on the other hand, we're both promoted sides so it'll be very interesting to see how we both match up and how we've both progressed from this time last year. Both sides will look at it as a decent opportunity to get points. We've shown we match up very well against bottom half sides, and while they're not currently a bottom half side, I would regard them in any statistical model as being one that's punching above its weight (to their infinite credit, so take nothing away). This is the beginning of a far kinder run of fixtures than we've had over the past 7 games. Hopefully Sheffield United are the beginning of our good results and not the last of our bad ones. I'll sit on the score draw fence for this one. 2-2.
  2. It would be good to see him ease his way smoothly into the first team setup.
  3. And it has become nothing short of a disgrace how poor the official site's coverage of anything other than the senior side or the women's side has become. Not a single tweet about this game on the day. Disgusting.
  4. Pompey hiding updated, plus other teams' league fixtures updated. We drop to 7th but some surprising results elsewhere mean we're only 2pts off 4th place with a game in hand. Even if that game in hand is away to 3rd place.
  5. Yeah I can't log in to it from my phone but from looking at the results I can tell this week is Sarah Jessica Parker ugly.
  6. Home to Pompey in the Premier League Cup this evening. Badly in need of a win to get us off the mark. Luckily they're on zero as well, although they've only played 1 game. Exeter and Donny are 6pts clear of both of us.
  7. BOF

    Dean Smith

    I think you're bang on. It just shows the understandable disconnect that fans of other clubs have when discussing other teams. They've only really got a superficial knowledge. We're guilty of the same here in fairness. Fact is when Sky were discussing the managers on the chopping block it was Silva, Emery & Deirde Barlow at West Ham. Smith wasn't even near the running. And today's contract extension just proves that. I also think you're right; and we should take that as a compliment; that fans look at Villa and think they should be higher. But they needn't worry, because we will be
  8. Not the first time he couldn't see a receiver. I'm so sorry.
  9. Stevie Wonder has a lot to answer for.
  10. Tegis the little shit cleans up on Thanksgiving And Tony bizarrely the only one who didn't pick the Saints.
  11. So he buys into a club owned by the L.A. Galaxy owners and thrashes his legacy with Malmo. Isn't modern football just amazing sometimes
  12. Some say third because they think dying and burial are somehow 2 separate deaths, which is of course bollocks.
  13. I only track league games but I make it the 2nd of January 2016. A 3-1 defeat at Sunderland. Carles Gil with our goal on the day, and Micah Richards helping the opposition with an OG. He also refereed a 0-0 draw with Man City in Villa Park earlier that season (08/11/15)
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