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  1. It all ends up the same colour in the end. EDIT : Unless you wash it all down with red wine. Then it goes a kind of toy soldier green.
  2. I think they took the club over at a time when it needed unprecedented amounts of money put into it just to rescue it. Even if they left tomorrow I don't think they could ever be described as mercenaries. They rescued the club from disaster. I hate to think of how much they're down on an investment they didn't have to make, and I think it's unrealistic to think their patience and their pockets are bottomless. But again I repeat, selling up is not something I expect them to do. It's just that survival would make me feel more comfortable about their ownership, almost in a way because I also think they deserve it.
  3. The main reason I fear relegation is not because of the league we'll have to play football in. The Premier League can go f*ck itself tbph. No, I worry because I'm afraid our owners might think 'f*ck this for a game of soldiers' and sell the club to someone else, and then you're back into that horrible protracted uncertainty of worrying about what kind of mercenary might buy us and the direction the club will go in for the next decade or more. Staying up would reassure me that our owners are going nowhere. Now I know it's likely they're probably going nowhere anyway, but it would just reassure me about their longer term ownership if we managed to stay up this season.
  4. Strong City was all kinds of epic too.
  5. Holy Jayzus. "I think we've ticked all the boxes there boss." "What boxes?" "Oh the boxes don't even exist yet, but they will, and we've ticked them all".
  6. BOF

    Formula One - 2020

    I have honestly missed F1 more than football.
  7. Especially during these unprecedentedly busy times. You insensitive monster.
  8. Ah, a brand w**ker eh @wazzap24? Why not do him a 2-for-1 and get on one side of the mask and on the other
  9. All these years I've been using beefstew1 as a password, but I'm beginning to worry it's not stroganoff.
  10. So, kind of horse-radishy strength then? I'll keep an eye out for it. As for honey mustard. Oh yes, but again in context.
  11. All she did was knowingly attempt to put a black man's life in danger by calling the notoriously-mild mannered NYPD under false pretences while strangling her dog.
  12. I'm not always hungry, but after a meal I always like to feel stuffed. In the non-Kenneth Williams way obviously. That's why I can eat heroic portions, and if there is actual hunger involved then my efficiency is a sight to behold.
  13. Nope, sorry, I can't. That makes no sense. You're just trolling now. Get out.
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