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  1. carry on believing your msm sources.
  2. source http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3692685/The-night-terror-struck-seafront-Minute-minute-outrage-beach-Nice-unfolded.html
  3. too much government shill rambling imo.
  4. anyway our globalist controlled media now state nice incident as a "truck attack" removing any link to religious fanatics. Obama refuses to use the I word. all controlled by the same upper hand. isis is a usa uk israel saud created and funded proxy army to remove assad which failed. they could be wiped out with a few b2 bomber sorties but the said governments choose not to. if theres 1000's of jihads plotting in the uk, are they incompetent as theres been nothing since the alleged 7/7 attack? or should we believe our security services are so brilliant after years of austerity cuts they prevent all these jihads attacking? do I think there is a threat? not by the ppl the media says.
  5. frances state of emergency was due to end 26 jul. now they can keep it in place. not that its of any use as nice shows.
  6. with a jewel encrusted bidet like sterling
  7. being an old school keeper i'm glad the keepers kit are green and yellow.
  8. no pictures of Lescott or Richards or is that falsely getting my hopes up.
  9. well done for not listening to Fergie. NADS Not Another Dour Scot
  10. so the one s presentation said from $299, so you'd expect a uk price point of £249. but no, you can now pre order it on xbox store for £349.
  11. I wish the club would do away with avfc from all its marketing. its lazy. Aston Villa FC
  12. on how to build a bond with the fans. FREE PIES, cos he's obviously had plenty.
  13. euro managers wages. based on this we better win it. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/uefa-euro-2016/what-are-the-euro-2016-managers-being-paid/ss-AAgPxn7?ocid=spartanntp
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