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Away Ticket Prices


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The Football Supporters' Federation needs your support to help bring down the price of tickets, with our Twenty's Plenty for Away Tickets Petition – http://www.fsf.org.uk/20plenty

We're calling upon football clubs at all levels of the game to recognise and reward the amazing contribution of away fans by getting together to agree an across the board price cap on away match tickets of £20 (£15 for concessions).

What’s the point in a petition, you might ask? Each signature on the Twenty’s Plenty petition triggers an email to your club, telling them you want to see something done about the cost of attending football, as well as an email to the Premier League telling them the same.

In a little over a week more than 5,000 fans have already signed the petition to let their clubs know their feelings on the matter - please spare 30 seconds of your time and join them today – http://www.fsf.org.uk/20plenty

We understand that football is unaffordable for many and this is especially true for away fans who, aside from match tickets, must contend with spiralling food, drink and travel costs. There has been a tremendous groundswell of opinion lately with campaigns popping up across the country and Twenty’s Plenty will try to harness that energy and discontent.

For more on why you should back the campaign check out this pdf - http://bit.ly/14ic58h - or visit our website - www.fsf.org.uk



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My season ticket is £17.11 per game to be exact.


As FSF say, it's the fact the average away match ticket is around £40 that's the problem.


Petition signed.

I signed it ages ago. My season ticket works out at about 70 quid a game, because they keep bloomin moving them so I can't go.

All tickets are overpriced.

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