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Starting a business.


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I can't offer you any advice as I've never done it.

But twice in the past year a friend and I have come close to doing it.

Come up with a couple of ideas that we thought had legs but eventually decided it wasn't viable.

I'm determined to do it in the next couple of years. Certainly before I'm 30 (3 years.....****)

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I started 18 months ago, pretty successful so far (touch wood). My tips would be:

Get a good accountant and ask for a fixed price (recommendations work well here).

Find out the cost of absolutely everything you are doing, buying, making and then work out how many or how much of what ever you are selling, you will have to sell to make any money.

Find out how many other people are also supplying the same service/products you are.

Ask others (forums are a good way), what they think of your goods/services. Its very easy to get carried away with your idea.

Be careful who you give credit to.

All pretty obvious stuff, Im no expert but Ive done a lot of learning, pretty quickly.

I also did it just after turning 30, was a "if i dont do it now" moment

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