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AVFC didn't "need" to pay anything. The claim was settled. No fault on either party can be implied from this.

Then why did they decide to pay him if there was no obligation to? Keep him quiet about something?

If there was no fault on the club, they wouldn't have paid him. Simple as that.

The agreement to pay came during the tribunal hearing when the facts about the case were being put by QCs on either side.

There are only two reasonable interpretations of this to my mind.

(a) the club didn't want to pay up (or pay as much as they finally did) but realised during the hearing the game was up or

(B) The club had already made an offer that MON was disputing but during the hearing he realised he would get no more than was already on the table

Just heard MO'N on the radio say "I apologise" for leaving when he did (re the timing).

On the two interpretations, it's one of those things you can turn on its head and have an equally credible argument for many theories - for example - We know that MO'N took the Club to a tribunal [because the Club wouldn't pay him anything as they felt he resigned, he felt he was CD'd]. We know that he dropped his claim after 4 days of the hearing when the QCs from each side had got into their strides

The rest is guesswork - and there's more than 2 possible, credible options for Why did he offer to drop the case and offer to take less than he was claiming -

a) he's a nice man and just decided he couldn't be bothered with going through the whole length of the tribunal - but then why did he pursue to for a year and then go through 4 days of tribunalling before dropping the case? That doesn't ring right, how about this then -

B) He's a nasty man, and he felt that if he kept at it, he could effectively call their bluff and get some money, even though he really did resign and he did just that and got a million quid, which is nice.

c) The club were totally in the wrong and they could see that would be the outcome of the tribunal, so they went to MO'N and made an offer - "end it now and here's a million"

d) MO'N could see the way the tribunal was going, that he would be found at least partially in the wrong, and so went to the club and said, come on, let's make up and I'll drop it for a million instead of 3 million and we can all get on with our lives.

Or it could be both sides broadly equally "guilty", they knew it and that's why they settled. In other words The claim was settled. No fault on either party can be implied from this

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"Interesting" post match interview from MON

I have just watched the interview on sky and I agree very interesting.

I would say the all is not well in the o'neill mind.

Well we know that, the bloke signed Heskey for goodness sake.

In all seriousness he was probably comatose from having had to watch us for 90 minutes.

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