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Injury watch for run in


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Having seen the decimated starting 11 fielded against Chelsea the other day it got me thinking..

Obviously we have lost Bent & Petrov for the season & most likely Dunne but is there any news on the rest? Clark, Cuellar & Hutton for example?

As it stands, the recovery...or not, of as many senior players as possible could have a direct bearing on whether or not we survive this season &, with the exception of Liverpool (a), the very tough but also winnable game against Stoke (h), & technically our game in hand being used up with the Man U (a) fixture, we then have a run in from 21st April starting with Sunderland (h) when we could get a few results.. So ...

When are these players due back anyone know?

& who is actually out through injury apart from the 3 long termers above?

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