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The Weakest Link


Who Is the Weakest Link  

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  1. 1. Who Is the Weakest Link

    • Sorenson
    • UDLC
    • Delaney
    • Samuel
    • Solano
    • Hendrie
    • Hitz
    • Barry
    • Vassell
    • Laursen

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but Id say UDLC and Barry need replacing (although UDLC will be hopefully when a CB returns). We need a quality left winger to replace Barry who's just too inconsistant. Whittingham for me isnt a good enough replacement either, so forget Beattie DOL buy a left winger and a replacement right back.

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We miss the experience of RJ and DD at the back. As good as any player may be, we need another coolheaded experienced CB to partner Mellberg. Laursen may be the player, but I haven't seen enough of him to cast my judgement yet. And our midfield need a kick up the arse too. McCann running the middle of the pitch, and Hendrie providing a "creative spark" when he plays, but Nobby and Barry need some competition for their places. Complacency in midfield has cost us points this season, but nothing appears to be done about it...

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After watching a few games live, and the other in highlights, I think the entire midfield is a weak link. Most games have long passages of play where our midfield is non-existant. Other teams simply play right though us without even a simple tackle. I feel that bad individual performances are pulling other players out of position and the whole midfiled suffers (when it exists, of course)

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The poll is based on a false premise, I think.

The issue is surely not whether so and so is off-form - we know all of them are good players. The "weakest link" is that when in midfield or defence someone is off-form or injured there is a serious shortage of replacements, and there is a lack of pressure and competition for places.

The weakest link is the squad strength.

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I think I'd agree there Glasgow. Our whole midfield apart from possibly McCann(who I think has recently found his form again) is below par for the top 6 of the premiership. They would make a fantastic bench but not a starting 11. people say we need a creative midfielder but we really need 3 midfielders who can actually win a basic 50-50 ball more than 10% of the time AND complete basic passes consistantly.

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I should say midfield without competition. We dont have what it takes in the midfield positions...thats it!


Barry has been crap since pre season in Sweden!

Hendrie has some moments...just 89 minutes too short!

McCann...Can fight...but what more?

Solano...hmm...I had some high hopes here, but it seems like he hasnt melt in right with Villas long ball play...hit and run is not South American style!

Whitts...yeah...hm...little bit too much of too little.

Davis...just on his way into the side...too early to say...but not top 5 material.


JPA is probably the only player to rate as a league top six.

Vassell...this man is the most overrated player in Villas history.

Cole...very good loanee...not Villa player (sadly).

Moore...potential...but then again...Vassell has had the same for ages.


Mellberg...when he wants he is the king at the back. First class.

Laursen...too little time to show.


JL Samuel...this one I do like...at least he tries and he is rated in my eyes!

UDLC...has his moments...but 88 minutes too short. Not Premier...

Delaney...probably the most underrated player at Villa. Can be greater!

Ridgewell..showed some good class in pre season. Promising!


Sorensen...top class goalkeeper. Nothing more need to be said...

Postma...I had high hopes about this one...and still have...

Henderson...sounds like a king, too short i think for being a great goalie.


DOL...does very good, but still...I demand better tactics and better play!!!


Mr Ellis...is also one of the weakest links!! God I dislike this strange man.

Langham...watch out Mr Langham...you might be as popular as your boss!

The final words about this is that Villa has a weak team with players that doesnt come up to the task. This is the story about last season...

Everyone got their form peaked at the same time and at that same time had the teams Villa fought with at the top some of their weakest seasons. Villa had a goal to reach and with a good flow in winning games everything went easy...

Now it is back to the beginning...other teams has been made considerable stronger than Villa during the summer and they WILL NOT give anything away like last season.

Villa had the chance yet again to become a force in Premier League...one man, yet again...destroyed every chance Villa had by holding the money firmly tight to his body.

When this man, Mr Ellis, resigns or die...Villa can start to rise...but from where is the question...maybe from a division lower than Premier...maybe two divisions lower.

As it looks now Villa would win The Championship if they were there...but we will be nowhere near top six this year if DOL doesnt get £30m to invest.

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I know, I was joking. Maybe we should say that fate is the weakest link, I was so looking forward to a settled Delaney/Mellberg/Laursen/JLloyd back four. Whoever is our latest 'weakest link', for whatever reason, we lack the squad depth prepared to cope for the situation.

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:lol: Hendrie is in the list, but Mellberg isn`t?

Oh yes, because it was Mellberg that curled it into the top corner yesterday & it was Hendrie that cost us goals against QPR, Palace & Charlton. :roll:

Samuel, UDLC?

Why have you gone for the usual scapegoats & not the guys that aren`t actually playing well?

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Because it's very unlikly that anyone with exception of possibly you would pick Mellberg, McCann or Angel as the weakest link and I can only put 10 options.

Please try and read the question: Who is the weakest link NOT who made 2 mistakes while holding a makeshift defence together this season.

As for naming the usual scapegoats there 10 players names there for ffs not 3!

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bromsgrove_avfc, how is Hendrie more deserving of that list than Mellberg?

How can Hendrie be our weak link? Mellberg has cost us 3 goals, you should really put a list together based on this seasons performances not by their reputations.

Hendrie turned the game around against Newcastle, got an assist against QPR & then scored our only goal against Palace....is that the form a weak link?

NB: I`m not saying Mellberg is our weak link, but he has been more of a weak link than scapegoat Hendrie.

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mellberg has also scored 3 (1 which completely wrongly didn't count), so that's not really bad is it, he's also done numerous brilliant things, although you say hendrie changed the game against newcastle (and i'm inclined to agree), the 3rd goal came from some absolutely brilliant reading of the game from mellberg who then fed hendrie, i don't think he was saying hendrie was the weak link, he put up a list of 10 players for you to vote from, i would have put the same 10 players up i reckon as no-one would vote mellberg or angel

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To be honest, and possibly controversial, I feel that the managers *constant* bleating about the squad size is probably getting the players down. I know at work if my boss spent most of his waking moments going on about the need for a replacement for me, I'd be a bit de motivated. He needs to focus on what we have, not what we lack, and spend more time instilling a bit of positivity. I am getting heartilly sick of the "they're a great bunch of lads but we need more". I guess even Manu and Arsenal would like more players, but Arsenal in particular seem to have a relatively settled squad. Surely with a small squad there are advantages to be had such as familiarity with each other, and easier to get coaching messages across.

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