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Will Nobby Sign???


Will Nobby SIgn  

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  1. 1. Will Nobby SIgn

    • Yes
    • Not while Ellis draws breath

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Well DOL is certainly doing his best (as did GT and JG) against the oppressor. If he can keep suggesting realistic quality players and then they get turned down at the terms stage then it's more transparent to the idiot on the street where the problem lies - it seems some (on the street) still think HDE is not the problem (although they dont often frequent ths board !!)

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I believe Solano will leave Newcastle in the next few days, though whether to Villa is open to question.

My heart says yes but my head knows Ellis.

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Guest RantinRob
Ok. Let Doug start holding his breath and we'll tell him when to stop.

heh, I'm not telling him to stop :lol:

Anyway, how can we sign anyone without the old tosser being there? He's currently sniffing Karren Brady's chair at that meeting in London

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RR - this is the problem. Maybe DOL is getting really clever and has arranged everyting for while he is away and that we should have had it signed and sealed and we are now waiting for Douglarse to screw it up on personal terms

Oh what do I mean Duglarse doesn't get involved in that does he

does he balls I bet we get our tea from Aldi and put it into empty Nescafe jars

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