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Favourite Rutle?


Which was your favourite Rutle?  

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  1. 1. Which was your favourite Rutle?

    • Dirk?
    • Stig?
    • Nasty?
    • Barry?

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Seriously, it's great.

The reaction of the Fabs to it was a perfect paradigm of their personalities (how's that for alliteration?):

John - didn't mind it, considered it all "part of the story"

Ringo - thought it was fun in parts, but other parts made him sad

George - absolutely loved it (and indeed appeared in it)

Paul - went apeshit and threatened to sue

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I don't really care for any parodies or other such stuff.

Musical parodies in general piss me off anyway.

You don't like Spinal Tap?

If true, thats a serious affliction you have!


And as for The Rutles - if you like The Beatles (Bicks can stop reading here), you should check the DVD and CDs out. It's an affectionate tribute, and uncannily accurate and enjoyable (Innes is a HUGE Beatles fan).

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I love the Rutles - have the Album and the DVD - some of the songs, as you say, are great. - oh yes, I admit, I too have taken tea! :P
I'm shocked. And stunned. And shocked. Stunned and shocked.

Did you get the second album ("Archaeology")? Not as good as the first, but essential for completists!

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Hi Mike, No I didn't know there was a second album . Do you remember Rutland Weekend Television - which was where the concept of the Rutles began I think ?
I remember its existence. I know I must have seen a few episodes. But I remember nothing else about it!
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It was after the end of Monty Python and it had Eric Idle and Neil Innes and some others . Only lasted one , maybe two series I think but it was funny and The Rutles, (I think) first appeared on there. It was around the same sort of time as Palin's Ripping Yarns - but that's spinning off the topic I guess.

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