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Better youtube video title


Which title do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which title do you prefer?

    • Turtle rapes shoe
    • Turtle fail

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I vote "Turtle rapes shoe".

Obviously, both titles are somewhat inaccurate. The turtle never seems to consummate things with the shoe... if that qualifies as rape, then the Butabi Brothers are the most prolific serial rapists ever. However, I'm not sure that this video is a FAIL in any way befitting of the name. The second option is perhaps more accurate, but that is not enough to outweigh one of the cardinal rules of comedy:

Animals raping inanimate objects is automatically funny. I challenge anybody who disputes this to find an instance where an animal raping one or more inanimate objects is not funny.

Now you might say that the title has nothing to do with that. But I beg to differ. If you watched this video but it was titled "Life and Futility" or somesuch, the insight that the turtle is (at least attempting to) raping the shoe would likely never be made: one needs the title to put them in the proper frame of mind. One does not get into this frame of mind with "Turtle fail", and therefore "Turtle rapes shoe" is superior.

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