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VillaTalk XI Right Midfield


Wideish Right Midfield then  

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  1. 1. Wideish Right Midfield then

    • Nobby
    • Ray Houghton
    • Hadji

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Des Bremner - Right wing? Surely not - he was a defender wasn't he?

Out of those three, it's gotta be Nobby. Funny how we get all nostalgic over past players and fail to see the good in the ones we've got. Houghton worked hard but didn't have half the skill of Nobby and Hadji was great but if he goes down as an 'all-time Villa great', when he spent more time on the bench than on the pitch, it will be a sad day indeed!

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steve stone should be in yeah. solid if unspetacular but he was for some reason one of my faves

I was joking, he was shit

Could be a favourite of yours for the reasons I love DLC maybe but still, shocking.

I still can't believe Stone was so bad having been so good in the past.

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