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UK - Israel


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Here's a thread on the relationship between UK and Israel - there are already threads between Israel and other countries - so mods this is surely precedented. First thing I offer is -

I ask - why is anyone delighted about that - for what reason? Yes this is a negative post and start to a thread so please, anyone, come back with the positives of the UK Israel relationship - obviously the news is generally negative. 

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8 minutes ago, maqroll said:

What is UKLFI?


UKLFI Charitable Trust is a separate charity set up by UK Lawyers for Israel to advance legal education on Israel and antisemitism and to provide legal support to victims of antisemitism, particularly antisemitism which manifests itself with regard to Israel.

Set up as a charity, a legal firm looking out to promote and protect Israeli interests.

But not all ‘Israelis’.

Not displaced kids from illegally occupied Gaza. So, y’know, be careful and precise on your exact wording.

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42 minutes ago, Chindie said:

**** Israel.

Dude - I didn't want this thread to be a cess pit - I just want some facts to be displayed - it just takes facts, and there are many. Good or bad. 

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