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Players In/Out of form

Villa Gaffa

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We seem to have a lot of players showing no real form at the moment.

We went through pre season without losing any games including a draw against Man U in which we finished the stronger team.

I thought team morale would have boosted the teams confidence and creating a good environment to build confidence.

McGinn - out of form

Coutinho - out of form

Konsa - out of form

Digne - out of form

Ramsey - out of form

They are the obvious ones.

Bailey - encouraging form

Buendia - encouraging form

Ings - encouraging form

Kamara - encouraging form

They are the only ones to show something so far.

The rest of the squad either havent played enough minutes to judge form

or are neither in/out of any kind of form.

Why are we so low on confidence when we had great hype leading into this season ?


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Because it was just that, hype. We won some no stakes games, looking as incoherent as ever in the process. It seems like half of the team is out of form because they don't look like they're drilled on where they need to be at all times. Most of them are lost in a formation that makes no sense. How is Jacob Ramsey for example supposed to find form while playing as an auxiliary left back? He looks behind him and there's a chasm between him and Kamara.

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Bailey is in form! Martinez hasn't done much wrong this season he's in form. Buendia looks good in batches. 
Mcginn looks like he struggling right now so I'd say he's out of form. Cash, Konsa and Digne look out of sorts.


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