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Who are the most delusional fans?


Which team has the most delusional fans  

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  1. 1. Which team has the most delusional fans

    • Tottenham Hotspur
    • Newcastle United
    • West Ham United
    • Other (specify)

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A couple of years ago I would have gone for Newcastle, but the Spurs fans in the last couple of years have been incredible. Despite having a juggling goalkeeper, an embarasing defence, and a midfield lacking a true midfield general, they still believe they should be in the top 4.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Everton fans have always impressed me. They have had the big time before but don't go boasting about themse;ves. With what they have to put up with with their red neighbours, they always come across as passionate yet humble.

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Tottenham Hotspur without a doubt. They seem to think they are a super club based on their "domination" in the 1960's.

That'll be winning the league title for the second time EVER.

Their fans have to be the most delusional! :bang:

Great we beat the deluded ones 2-1 though :D

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12 months ago I would have said Newcastle easy....but West Ham fans were delusional before the start of this season but they seem to have calmed down a bit now. The new crown goes to Spurs fans. Been reading that Spurs blog and been laughing at them. Bunch of deluded wank stains. Never heard such drivel from them. Cocks!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008 7:24:00 PM +00:00

Nastylee said...

You're not even the biggest club in North London.

I'm just jelous though if you want the truth. I mean John Carew, Ashley Young and Gareth Barry, who wants to watch them when I could watch Lennon running down a blind alley and failing to cross the ball, or Berbatov turning up 1 game in 3 or the amazing Jenas, a player who can't tackle and can't pass. Yes you have me convinced,I will be applying for a Spurs ST tomorrow. If only I 'd seen the light earlier I'd have missed all those seasons where you couldn't match the mediocre teams in the division.

Steveo said...

Someone needs to have a word with Martin O'Neill

We should be beating the smaller lower relegation fodder teams like the tiny tots more than 2-1 even though the scoreline flattered them.

How we cann't completly drub a team that has won the league less times than Huddersfield Town and has 2 top six finishes in 18 years is very disappointing.


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I voted for the Toon but want top change my vote now after reading that Spurs blog. I think all the Spud contributers are 11 yr olds tbh. I quote:

'Villa! They ain't all that! Bit of speed, bit of fancy stuff from Barry. Apart from that?'

'Villa go 6th? Why? They aren't going to finish there.' Why?! Ha. You f*ckwit. One things for sure- you aint finishing 6th!

'We got beat by a team with an unspecial (sic) midfield and a joke forward line. Where did you get Moore from?

Circus School?' After that game he has the temerity to criticise OUR forward line. Their's cost what, at least £25m. Ours, nada. Again, HA!

*Imagining* Yeah man, Spurs are waaay better than Villa. There just a bunch of shit Brummies. We shud of well beat dem. They aint got noone better dan Berbatov- hes well wicked. We shud well be in 4th now. We just well unlucky, innit?

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