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  1. Hutton plays a nice ball out to the right wing, as a left back, surely that means that you then hold back. Not that idiot, they counter he's nowhere to be seen.
  2. What are the odds on him playing RB before christmas?
  3. Suliman,, Doyles-Hayes, Blackett-Taylor and McKirdy not in the U23's tonight. No idea who is fit or injured.
  4. History repeating itself https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2011/nov/30/steve-bruce-sunderland-sacked
  5. Need Sunderland to stay up. Alladyce is one of a dying breed, an old fashioned english manager who has the ego to believe he can get the best out of players who are crap elsewhere. Richards, Lescott or Gabby would be challenges for him. Can't see any other managers in the premiership who would touch them.
  6. 2nd goal Everything that sums up Richards. Jogs back when there is a real danger No awareness of an opposition runner until it is too late. Sulks and waves his hands
  7. Even if the championship was 5 a side that wouldn't be sufficent
  8. Pearson's reputation seems at an all time high. He took on a relegated Hull City and finished 12th in the Championship. It took him a while to get things going at Leicester before one excellent promotion season. In the premiership they were awful until their miraculous finish. He's not going to come in and turn things around immediately. What he has got going for him is a very good knowledge of the division, and the strong character needed. However, has he ever done much bringing youth players through?
  9. Anyone know where the u21's are playing their games this season? Hinckly? Villa Park? First home game against Stoke on Monday and can't find any details
  10. This x1000. They don't really have to compete with other clubs for players. Plus, crediting them with Walcott is a bit like solely crediting arsenal for Crowley, only if Crowley stayed at villa for an extra year Really? Walcott moved to Southampton about 11 didn't he? Not really the same. I always thought he went there when he was 16. It looks like I'm wrong. Walcott played 21 games for Southampton, moved when he was 17. He originally was on th ebooks of Swindon before Southampton took him
  11. Macron already do a shirt with a stripe across the middle, like River and Peru. The bologna away kit:
  12. largelugs

    Bodymoor ...

    Any further updates on this? I've got a villa mad cousin from Ireland coming on Friday, was going to take him.
  13. I don't think having one feeder club to loan players works. That club has its own priorities, they will only want to fill a certain position and their priorities are points, not the development of another teams player's. You can't just send two or three players a year to them and expect them to accommodate them. It should be about finding a loan for the player where they will get regular appearances and have a manager that will be good for them. We do use the loan system. Bannan has had 3 spells, Herd 3 , Delfouneso 3, Baker 3, Wiemann 1, Lihaj 3, Gardener 1, Johnson 1. They aren't always successful but obviously a learning experience. Next year Carruthers, Burke and Williams might get the opportunity. However, some players don't need it. If they are standing out in the reserve team and finding it easy, yet not on the verge of the first team, thats when they need a loan so they don't stagnate.
  14. Was told a few weeks ago that his dad had no intention of ever letting him signing a contract at Villa by somebody who knows the family. Any sensible parent would choose a club who was most likely to give him first team opportunities. He may be excellent now but you can never predict how youth develop and he needs to be nurtured.
  15. Seen it said that both Carruthers and Burke's contracts are up at the end of the season and they haven't been renewed. Carruthers wiki page says that hes signed a contract for west ham. Anyone know if its true or just the usual wikipedia rubbish?

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