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League Cup Draw 1st Round


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2 hours ago, Zatman said:

lets get to the serious issue here. Carabao Cup is the worst name for a tournament ever

I have always called it the League Cup and will continue to do so. I have lost track of the number of sponsors that have changed the name of this trophy that have come and gone over the years. But I agree that the Carabao Cup pips the Milk Cup for me for this particular competition.     

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12 hours ago, BOF said:

It matters a lot.

I know it's hardly going to make or break us, but it just feels like we're being unfairly used for their own ends.  We get a paltry sum while their use of us gives them much more revenue than they'd otherwise get.

Unfairly used by Sky? How very dare you! Whatever next?

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After a shed load of sponsors over the years, milk cup, rumbelows cup, carling cup, worthington cup and the rest. 

I've decided the best most successful name for the league cup was the coca-cola cup! The best teams won that one ;)

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