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2017 Players Grades


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I think we are probably as a stage where we can grade how our squad has performed this season. Sorry removed poll has it doesn't work for this.

The below doesn't include one off sub appearances.


Gollini: 5 - Cost us a lot of points early on, then just when he seemed to be getting better he was sent out on loan. Not coming back any time soon and expects a personal Italian coach, so a diva and a waste of a signing.

Bunn: 5 - Does little wrong, steps in when needed and has a good attitude. But not really showed he could be anymore than a squad player.

Johnstone: 6 - Slow and shaky start that cost us some points, but has slowly without being spectacular turned into a consistent goal keeper who will only get better. The jury is out whether has the experience to be No1 though.


Elphick: 4 - Possibly the biggest disappointment. Should have been our captain, instead we did Bournemouth a huge favour.

De Laet: I didn't think he looked very good in the few times he did play, but maybe too little to rate him.

Hutton: 6 - Consistent, gives his all, looks comfortable at this level as many have said. Still capable of awful defending but seems to have cut out the awful tackles and positional mishaps of the past.

Chester: 7 - Player of the season candidate, reliable and rarely lets anyone down. Also scores a few vital goals.

Baker: 6 - When not injured looks comfortable alongside Chester, looks ok at this level although don't think he could carry the defence without Chester.

Taylor: 6 - Still a lot to prove but we look better defensively when he plays.

Amavi: 5 - I would give him less but some rate his ability over his performances, definitely better in midfield than left back but hasn't exactly excelled anywhere.

Bree: 5 - Shown potential and has youth on his side, but way off proving he is a starter yet.


Bjarnason: 4 - Had a few indifferent games before injury.

Lansbury: 5 - Has ability, but so far has been utterly average except for a few performances. Doesn't seem to ever get forward enough. Whether Bruce is not letting him, I don't know.

Hourihane: 5 - Big reputation, yet has delivered very little. Has looked decent a few times but very average the rest. Again whether this is the way he is being told to play I don't know.

Bacuna: 4.5 - Has show a lot of energy and a better attitude this season, but I don't think he is a starter.

Gardener: 3 - One game aside he has done nothing to suggest he should play for this great club every again.

Jed: 6.5 - We fall apart when he doesn't play, but we shouldn't be so reliant on him to defend and break things down. His passing is mostly dire though.

Grealish: 4 - I have been wanting him to show the form we all think he is capable of for years, but I am starting to see him as another youth who promises much and never delivers aka Moore brothers etc. Most frustrating player we have ever had. Made worse as Bruce doesn't play an attacking enough style to make the most of him, but that is a poor excuse and doesn't justify his tepid form (a few good goals aside).

Adomah: 5.5 - Sometimes he shows a great deal of attacking flair and ability, other times he just fades into the background and never takes on or beats anyone. Needs to do more as he is clearly capable.

Tishbola: 4.5 - Had a few good games under RDM and was better than Westwood and Gardener, but was in and out of the side and clearly never showed much in training to convince Bruce of his ability. Likely to be another huge waste of money.

Green: 6 - Would get a 6.5 at least as it is only injury that is holding him back,


McCormack: 4 - Scored a few goals very early on, then Gate Gate happened. Hardly ever showed the form we expected even before then.

Gabby: 3 - Yes he scored an important goal vs the scum, but his few other starts he was like a headless chicken and most of the season he was injured or trying to get fit.

Kodjia: 7.5 - Without his goals we would have been relegated, his finishing is superb even if his team play is lacking. Premiership teams will be sniffing round,

Hogan: 3 - Scored one goal and one assist, the rest of the time he has showed nothing of the form/ability that we signed him for. Early days but Bruce seems clueless as how to play him or who to play him with.


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I think all good teams have to have that real good spine down the middle and I think we have 3/4 of one with Chester, Jedinak and Kodjia. The goalie doesn't inspire me at all and we need a quality addition there to put more confidence into the defence. I also believe we need a new centre back to go straight into the team. Other than the three mentioned players I think the rest are hit and miss and all replaceable. 

We need to know the formation/system we want to play and then buy the players needed to naturally fit that system. Bruce talks of adding quality and there's no doubting where it is needed and that's in midfield. Hourihane and Lansbury have not shown anything to suggest they are the answer. Maybe they need to settle in more still but I would hope for Bruce to purchase more creative midfielders and cover for Jedinak. 

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15 hours ago, Supervillan78 said:

Gollini 5

Bunn 5

Johnstone 6



De Laet N/A

Chester 8 POTS

Baker 6

Taylor 7

Hutton 7

Amavi 5

Bree 5



Bjarnason 5

Lansbury 6

Grealish 5

Adomah 6

Green 6

Bacuna 5

Jedi 7

Tishbola 5

Gardener 4


Kodjia 8

McCormack 5

Hogan 5

Gabby 4

Yeh, that's it.

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I'll keep to the grouping, but only comment on players still with us, or those who played and may return from loan:

GOALKEEPERS (Positional average 6)
Johnstone - 6 - Slightly above average but don't really care as he's only on loan. Not had the impact a loan player should have.
Bunn - 6 - Done enough when called upon, very little difference between the two to be honest.

DEFENDERS (Positional average 5.8)
Chester - 8 - Some mistakes but my Player of the Season
Baker - 7 - Solid and good at this level, some catastrophic mistakes, some brilliant performances
Hutton - 7 - The phoenix, can't believe he's still with us but much like Baker on this game
Taylor - 7 - Had a great start and would arguably be our best player since January
Bree - 5 - Limited impact but still young
Amavi - 5 - badly under-performed, but then I think he should be a midfielder instead
Tshibola - 4 - Had nothing about him, can't see him returning
Elphick - 3 - Awful, awful, awful.
De Laet - N/A

MIDFIELDERS (Positional average 4.7)
Adomah - 6 - Can be brilliant, can be invisible
Hourihane - 6 - Has promising moments but lack confidence or tactics preventing him being force he could be
Lansbury - 5 - As above, but doesn't have the same skill level
Jedinak - 5 - A few months ago it'd have been a 3, but now we know what he does; defend with his body/head and not ever pass successfully
Green - 5 - A bright spark on the few appearances he has had, but easily nullified
Bjarnason - 5 - Looked promising on occasions, bad time to get injury. Hoping he can replace Jedinak next season as our enforcer.
Bacuna - 5 - Brilliant occasionally, goes missing often.
Grealish - 4 - I'm so happy we have the best youngster in the UK, he's been ripping the Championship up as an ever present player...
Gardner - 2 - And one of those points is for his Blues goal. Awful player, supposed to be the 'better' brother but he's frankly just awful/

STRIKERS (Positional average 5.5)
Kodjia - 8 - Amazing yet frustrating, needs to play better in the team and control some stupid reactions.
Hogan - 5 - Hasn't settled, team not set up to play to his strengths at all. Probably won't achieve much here with Bruce in charge.
McCormack - 5 - Didn't settle, team not set up to play to his strengths at all. Probably won't achieve much here with Bruce in charge.
Gabby - 4 - So little to judge, but to be fair, when called upon he's had some impact on the match.

Di Matteo - 4 - Had a bad spell (Bruce matched) at start and bought awfully (did he buy?) and rightfully sacked
Bruce - 5 - Had a bad spell, bought better but not getting results from what should be a strong team - complaining about the same things from December; mentality and attitude.

Goalkeeper needs resolving, defence isn't bad, midfield remains woeful and strikers need consistency or better tactics. Management still has big question mark over it.

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Gollini 2

Johnstone 4



Chester 8

Baker 6

Taylor 6

Hutton 6

Amavi 3

Bree - not played enough

Elphick - 3


Bjarnason 4

Lansbury 5

Grealish 3

Adomah 6

Green - not played enough

Bacuna 3

Jedi 6

Tishbola - not played enough

Gardener 2

Hourihane 5


Kodjia 8

McCormack 1

Hogan 4

Gabby - not played enough

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