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  1. Get the feeling Liverpool might try and get a little revenge here... But rather they do it in the cup than in the league!
  2. It's really simple for me, forget all the issues about consistency or application, if you can't celebrate a goal anymore then football is dead. Since it came in, when was the last time you really celebrated a goal?! We're waiting for it to be checked and that initial buzz of a goal has faded. I hate it. If it must stay, replays should be watched once at full speed and if it's not clear and obvious error from that then the game should be left uninterrupted. We'd go from 3 or 4 VAR checks a game to 3 or 4 in a game week. Personally I'd scrap it, football should be the same rules f
  3. People may point to the early substitution or the absolutely mental decision to overturn the penalty (levelling up the sending off I suspect) but the truth is we just weren't at it. Again. At home. Against weak opposition. McGinn and Mings were awful. Targett, Watkins, Luiz all half asleep. Grealish off his standard and with no outlet Trezeguet had a million chances but was so concerned with smashing it every time that he was never going to score, absolutely no composure at all. Look at Welbeck's goal for an example of composure. Trez just put his laces through it every tim
  4. Love to be wrong, don't worry!! I'm venting, shove the words down my throat!!
  5. It won't be the first time... It'll be the third time in 8 matches. So the question is, are we more likely to be able to maintain remarkable results against top 6 teams or start showing a proper approach to these sorts of games? These games are far more important than the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool ones in the long run.
  6. Brighton are awful but fortunately for them, the unprofessional showboaters have arrived this week. You have to questioning the attitude of players that lose to such poor teams reguarly when they have shown they are perfectly capable of playing at a much better standard. I don't care how 'close' it is or that we 'should' be winning, it's quite clear that Brighton have this in the bag today and will run away with it in second half on the counter. McGinn has been awful. Trezeguet is so intent of scoring on his 50th appearance that he's wasted countless opportunities smashing it in to
  7. You write really well for a nine year old, but I think your teacher would be disappointed to see you swearing like that...
  8. 4-3 flatters us because, despite having ended the game with more shots, it was only after Saints took their foot off the gas that we got moving. A better team, maintaining their focus, would have strolled that with another few goals. They possibly underestimated our ability to do so but, based on the game, it was probably fair! Two late goals really makes it look closer than it was, they were seeing that out after the hour and being 4 up. The midfield, despite gaving effectively five in there, looked over run. I don't see that passion or fight from any of our players. No one really hassle
  9. I will drop this in but with minimal comment... What exactly is incorrect about this? Why is it not allowed to be discussed? If it's wrong, I want to know it's wrong with evidence as to why it's wrong. We can go from 1 death to 10 deaths and the number of people dying has "increased 900%" when spun 'correctly' but it's still 'just' ten people. People do die unfortunately. There are some nuts who think it doesn't exist, but there are others, including well renowned scientists, who go "ok, it exists, we were worried to begin with but now we have more data and evidence we can
  10. Whilst getting in to all the permutations of who Leicester may, or may not, have available, let's just pause to see how far we've come since last we played them. Losing 4-0 and resigned to relegation... Look at the squad from that day to the probable one for this fixture; Reina now MARTINEZ Guilbert now CASH Engels now KONSA MINGS TARGETT Nakamba now BARKLEY LUIZ Hourihane now MCGINN Elmo now TREZEGUET (with Traore waiting) GREALISH Samatta now WATKINS It's pretty incredible really. We may well lose and come back down to earth
  11. Again, I'm thinking... So?! Positive cases mean NOTHING. 770 young adults... 10% have any symtoms. Of those 78, what are the symptoms? How serious are they? Have any needed medical intervention or even hospitalisation? Positive cases, in themself, are irrelevant. We could have 10 million positive cases tomorrow and it is irrelevant if no one is actually ill/ in need of medical intervention. We need to stop looking at cases (90% asymptomatic) as a barometer of our grasp on the virus and start looking at data a bit more analytically.
  12. Martinez MOTM. Earnt us at least two points already (probably three as they'd have defended 1-0 even better). And furthermore, despite the brilliant penalty save, it was his coolness with the ball at his feet and his willingness to come for crosses that was most impressive. He'll have busier games though. And yet, despite playing against ten men for the best part of 80mins we're talking about OUR keeper! Ramsdale was rarely troubled and the goal was soft. McGinn, love him, but by far the worst player out there. Should have been off instead of the preset remove Hourihane for a striker
  13. Well we start our campaign tomorrow night in what has been a mental start to the season. Loads of goals, no draws at all yet and a frantic start by all teams. So... 0-0 tomorrow yeah?!
  14. So let's review the window so far... Based on post lockdown team we've brought in, what we can guess, are four first team players. Martinez is a massive improvement on Reina/Nyland. Imagine he's also an improvement on the unlucky Heaton. Cash is...well, despite the cost, I'm not sure he is an improvement over Guilbert and probably should be aiming for Elmo's back up role at present. Watkins is already miles ahead of Samatta and Davis so big initial improvement. Wesley still in the fight when he returns. Now Traore. Got to feel it's at least a babystep improvement over
  15. There are plenty of nice guys in the world. There are plenty of strong guys too. Still doesn't make them good strikers. Keinan, for all his likeability and/or hardwork and hustling, is not a striker. At best, he's an old fashioned Heskey type player, but even then he doesn't score goals. That player doesn't fit the modern game, even if he was good at it. In the Premier League I'd be shocked if he scored more than a goal a season. Championship, may even up to five. He wouldn't push double figurss until he was in League 1 or 2. Sorry guys, he may be 'nice' but he's not a striker. He's
  16. I'm going to bite my tongue a little but cases are completely irrelevant. In fact, there's an argument it's not a bad thing. It's still lumped in with the moronic covid denying mind-control idiots, but there is a strong SCIENTIFIC belief that we are no longer really in a pandemic, we are getting cases with no real impact of the other more relevant data points. I posted (although it already had been earlier) a video that heavily questions the actual interpretation of numbers. Here's one from mainstream media; I'll leave you with one thought; why is it a rule of six? Where d
  17. He touches upon the lockdown when he mentions Brazil (famously anti LD) and Peru which had an extremely militant lockdown. Although, to be fair, I have no idea whether the data or focus of it is transparent. He also mentions Sweden quite heavily which is the outlier with regards lockdown in Europe. I don't think it'd be fair to sweep it under the rug as overly biased but equally I'm interested as to why it might be. What data contradicts his theory?
  18. So why aren't people talking about this? If it's a legitimate SCIENTIFIC debate why is it being bunched in with the crackpot theories of secret government mind control?! This points strongly to there being a genuine question as to how data/modelling is being done. Where is the data for current restrictions and/or actions? Are we being led by fear/policy rather than science?
  19. My prediction is crudely based on incomings assuming no major injuries or departures. No signings... 18th With Cash... 18th And with Watkins 16th And with Martinez 12th and with Rashica/Benrahma 11th and with Buendia/RM 10th So currently I predict 16th. Get Martinez in and I think that will be huge as we've been so weak there (even Reina didn't cover himself in glory) and 12th is obtainable. Add a few more bits of quality and maybe even sneak top half. I don't think anything higher is obtainable without a far bigger overhaul than we could/should do. I'll take
  20. I debated posting this. I am not a raving conspiracy loon or likely to automatically question authority, yet I do like to work out the why behind things. I am not one of those people who believe it's all a lie, I even recognise some actions like stadium closures (especially at the start) may have been wise - despite what I'm about to post even questioning that. I wear masks and follow the rules as that is what society dictates and have actually, on a personal level, enjoyed lockdown in the main. However, the data handling/conclusions and reactions to that data have always greatly confused me.
  21. So, what you're saying is we look quite strong?
  22. Buendia > Benrahma But I suspect we're not after either. Buendia is one of the few links we've had this summer that I'd genuinely be excited by as I actually know who is and think he's bloomin' good! I know strictly they're not a direct comparison but I doubt we'd be after both, we're also far more in need on the right...
  23. I didn't know anything about Rashica. I was never overly fussed if he signed or he didn't. I'm not sure if he'd improve us or not. (lack of knowledge, no reflection on player) But it'd be damn funny to sign a player that one poster on here has been crowing about us not signing
  24. Oh yeah, I forgot that. I have nothing fundamentally against beggars and will often buy a sandwich for them or something, but the increase of hostile beggars is notable. The Belgrave Middleway junction is full of beggars and ladies wanting to clean your car windows - many quite aggressive. Again, is this Birmingham or national?
  25. It came up in another thread but probably deserves it's own thread... How safe do you find Birmingham? Is it a nice place? Is it better or worse than it used to be? This isn't tied to the events of the weekend but a general view on the atmosphere, people and how safe you feel. Is it better or worse than other major cities? Personally, in the ten odd years I've lived in the area and the 30 odd years I've been visiting the area I've been impressed with the improvements to the area aesthetically and the variety of restaurants and shops etc. On the flip side, I feel less safe at night th
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