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Worst sports injury ever?


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A couple from the World of Wrestling (*it's not a sport yada yada)

Droz being paralysed by a D'Lo Brown sit down powerbomb

Sid Vicious completely snapping his leg

Perry Aguayo Jr in a match with Rey Mysterio suffering severe spine trauma after a drop kick into the ropes, killing him

Nick Gage bleeding out and technically dying for 7 minutes.  Carrid on cutting a promo while he was 'dying' too

(**But it's fake, they can't get injured it's just in the scipt.

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Misawa's in ring death and the injuries to Hayabusa and Takayama which ended their careers stand out in my mind. 

And Shibata's infamous 'final' match against Okada which resulted in his subdural hematoma, which really should have killed him. It isn't gruesome, but doing tons of these headbutts did a lot of damage to the dudes brain. Shocker I know. After the below, he finished the match, started to lose function in his left side, and then was rushed to hospital. 


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