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Reflection - past three years


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I wouldn't put Lambert in the same category as those managers. I don't think he's a manager that focuses on possession above all else but at the same time I wouldn't say he belongs to the other extreme where managers like Allardyce and Pulis reside. I think he's a pragmatist and I think our style of play at the moment is a reflection of what he has to work with at the moment - injuries to key players, a tight budget and a defence that was in desperate need of tightening up after last season.


I'm not a big fan of the way we're playing at the moment but I don't believe this is how we'll be playing in the long term if things go to plan. Results and the defence have improved and by the looks of things we'll be spending this season floating around mid-table as opposed to really struggling like last season.



He's played the same style of football for the last 5 years, why is he going to completely change his approach?


I don't think his teams have always played bad football. Norwich played ok football under him and so did we at certain points last seaosn.


Besides, it could just be because he found that to be the most effective way of playing with Norwich when they were in League 1 and the Championship. I do recall Lambert mentioning something about keeping the ball more when he first arrived.

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Is it too much to ask that we don't veer from one extreme to the other?  We might be better defensively now, but our football is boring to watch and we're going down the Tony Pulis low possession, hoofball route.  We were poor for most of last season, and for some of this season we've improved slightly to be mediocre.  Nothing really to be "happy" about.  My worry with Lambert is that he plays a dull, limited very British style of football, and that even if he gets more money to spend, he'll just do the same but with better players.  A bit like O'Neill-lite.


Disagree with this. Unlike O'Neill and McLiesh I've seen nothing to suggest that this is how Lambert wants us to be playing in the long term. We even played some decent football at times last season. Lambert himself has said that this is a long term project.

The point is though no-one is sure how he wants to play as there have been conflicting styles of football during his time here and I'm not yet sure whether Lambert knows his best system to suit the players already here and the players he has purchased.

Surely though you buy players to fit a system rather then deciding on a system after buying players?


Normally yes but with this manager i'm not so sure.

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Dodgyknees, I'll tell you where it all went wrong IMO. It was when that fat, useless cant of a ref decided not to send off Vidic in the cup final. I am certain that we had enough quality in our team to have taken the lead and seen off the 10 men of United.

Winning that cup would have made people take note of us and bigger player's would have taken us more seriously. I am convinced that we would have stepped up a level had we won that final, which would have been an easier task if the ref wasn't dodgier than Laursen's knees!

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for the 100000000000000000000000000th time it wasnt 7 million 


though at least you got his name correct ;)



For the millionth time, either provide a reliable link to his true cost then, or I'll rely on sites that got last year's total spend almost spot on.  The same sites that say Kozak cost £7m.

Watch Lambert's press conference he says he has seen the prices quoted for his players in the press and they are all way off. You're wrong. Let's put it to bed. You're actually admitting you believe the press over our own manager and credited itk.

Also 5 appearance's 2 goals....yeah what a waste. Ridiculous stuff from some still.

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....also the fat useless c*** of a player that fell over the ball on the half way line trying to bring it under control and the allowing the player to score possibly the easiest goal of his career.

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