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  1. Was there any booing at the end of the game??? I missed the final couple of minutes due to my internet stream fecking up.. I heard the "you're getting sacked in the morning" chant a few times but i wondered if it was the Bradford fans having a dig
  2. Very concerned now, got a horrible feeling Ol 'Arry is signing some quality at QPR & i bet he keeps them up & we'll go down because Lerner & Lambo didn't sign anyone during this window. What if Randy had bought QPR instead of Villa, i could see him not sacking Mark Hughes, not investing in the the jan transfer window & wondering why his team got relegated.. scary times ahead. If Lerner keeps faith with Lambo they have to strengthen this window, i cant believe we would go in the Bradford game without help. do they want to throw it away
  3. Damn the deal is off.... Wikipedia has been changed back to him playing for Toulouse
  4. It's on Wikipedia, so it must be true lol "On the 15th January 2013 Sissoko signed a four year deal with Aston Villa for a reported €3.5 million."
  5. Fantastic game, my favourite of the 2012. Was a little disappointed at first, thought i'd made a massive mistake as the first level was a bit boring but from then on it just got better & better & better. I'm halfway though my second playthough, 1st time using stealth & non-lethal takedowns but this time i'm killing everything with a bodycount like an 80's "Arnie" movie. thoroughly recommend it & at around £20 at the moment.. it's bargain
  6. Much prefer Black Ops 1 multiplayer than BO2. though i did enjoy the campaign on BO2 more than BO1. BO2 multiplayer is a definate improvement on the dire MW3 muliplayer but doesn't compare with BO1
  7. i still play black ops 1 on occasion as i still think it's the best for on-line multiplayer. i got very bored with MW3 quickly as graphically & playability wise it wasn't as good. i'm still on the fence with new black ops 2 as i think it's miles better than Mw3 but not as good as black ops 1. so tend to play either black ops 1 or 2 depending who's online & if no-ones online then it's Dishonored...
  8. i don't think there is a inbetween.. Randy can't/won't spend the money. i would have loved say 2/3 quality prem players to compliment what we've signed but then it's back to the reducing the wage bill issue again. we have to have affordable players now. we could never have paid AJ's wages. that is where we are as a club now unfortunately.
  9. i look at it like this.... PL knows as do most fans that most of the current squad couldn't give a monkeys about putting on the villa shirt & giving their best week in week out. bringing a few Top Drawer signings isn't going to help get rid of the dead wood in the team & we will struggle. We need a whole new team which gives you 2 quick fix options. Learner gives you £100 million to go & buy a team of "household" names, which he isn't going to do (wheather he has the cash or not) after getting his financial fingers burnt by MON or the other option is you buy a team of cheap
  10. Amazing - if McLeish had made these signings, people would want him hung, drawn and quartered. I am glad he has gone but equally I am surprised at the amount of faith people have in Paul Lambert. If Mcleish had made these signings this place would have gone in to meltdown. alex mcleish doesnt have a proven track record of buying surprise packages from lower leagues, lambert has done it very well. that's the difference there's plenty to be excited about from the players who've come in. we've brought in a dutch international feyenoord captain in vlaar, feyenoord's best player of
  11. Bent & Benteke... catchy i like it, on paper it works well
  12. does anyone know if Randy was at the Everton game?? he ought to have been there... 1st home game of the season, new manager, new players, fresh start, etc speaks volumes if he wasn't there :oops:
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