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  1. Watched it at The Giant Screen last night. Thought it was excellent. If anybody hasnt seen it and hasnt been to see a film there. I reccomend it. I booked a couple of seats on the back row. "M" and you can't even see anyone else in there, let alone here them!
  2. My sons shirt has been in the washing machine twice, and the poor mans Kangol sign on the shoulder is starting to peel already!
  3. BT Infininty is fibre ran from the Exchange to the green junction box, then connected to your existing copper wiring that runs underground to your house.
  4. Paddy was diagnosed around the same time that i was also diagnosed with bowel cancer and although we never met up, we shared some chat etc through the site. He was a good man, always had a good story to tell. Sadly someone took far to soon to this terrible disease! R.I.P Pad
  5. Is it fair to say that all new smartphones now are coming with 2 year contracts. Just upgraded from Desire to Sensation but have had to change from 18mth to 24mth. Anyone know of any good 18mth deals still knocking about?
  6. Ok quick question, just took delivery of the HTC sensation. Reluctantly took a 24mth contract (upgraded from desire) and currently have 2 weeks where i either decide to keep it or send it back. Now since having the htc hero however long ago now ive stuck with htc. I just need one of you tech heads out there to advise me, do i keep it or (a) go for the S2 or ( hang on for something better?? is there anything else coming out in the near future to beat it? The 3 main improvements im looking for are. Better camera, more internal memory, and better battery life. Cheers
  7. Come back on a flight (monday) with James Collins and Matthew Etherington from Malaga, a couple of the lads spoke to him. He was in Marbella with Given and said that he wants to come to villa, but as has already been said. They can't agree a fee.
  8. The Wanderers -- all time classic not to be confused with The Warriors
  9. The invite system has been scrapped. I repeat the Invite system has now been scrapped..
  10. Theyve scrapped the invite system now. Its open to season ticket holders. £3 entry or £4 with a programme.
  11. Same here but mine is still showing as 2.1??
  12. This has probably been answered somewhere, apologies if so. But anyone know when the 2.2 update is due on Orange??
  13. yeah had another mates in Bristol last year. Enjoyed it but my mate wont go back.
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