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  1. Must be an awesome area considering all these Werder-stickers in the background.
  2. You think with Traore coming in, you`re still in for Rashica?
  3. So, the hype train is gaining speed, I see?
  4. (1) Let me stop you right there. Our squad is actually quite good. Last season was a horror show for many reasons (You should have a look at our injury record, the many set pieces we conceded. There were huge pre season mistakes that are hopefully not gonna happen again). We have made some key signings already and the only one left is another defensive mid (Currently 1 + 1 young CDM are in). The new one will probably join on loan. Werder have asked for one credit and are expected to have it granted. Yes, A Rashica exit is desired because it will bring lots of money in, but if he is sold, only a replacement will be signed (no, Chong is not the replacement). So apart from the one CDM, our squad is fully prepared for the upcoming season. (2) On the second one I partly agree. I don`t think he would join Villa just to help Werder raising funds, but I do think Villas chances are far better than the media are saying since I don`t see Red Bull meeting Werders demands at any point.
  5. Pro: Rashica himself follows that account. Con: Deichstube never reported that!
  6. Reading that Deichstube article: The passage means that Villa is no option to him because no international football. Let me tell you this: Neither is Deichstube in general a reliable source to say that, nor is there any reference strengthening it. Personally I don`t see the move to Leipzig happening, so unless something else happens, staying or going to Villa are his only options.
  7. Well, historically both our clubs are massive football clubs. But the glory days are simply in the past. Even though, in my opinion Villa would be a good next step for him, I can understand his hesitation.
  8. Last one: Move to you or Leipzig before making a move to a bigger club. Haha, first: I am just handing out information from the Worum. I am not directly connected to him. Well, I am sure you can convince him, that with him you‘ll get champions league football sooner than Arsenal! Second: WIP means: „Worum-Informations-Pflicht“ I don‘t know how they came up with calling it „Worum-information-duty“, but it‘s simply our established term when a Worum-user leaks insider information. You can see the original WIP-post here and it gets updated as soon when new information comes in. https://worum.org/threads/5696-WIP-Lounge-Sammelthread-KEINE-DISKUSSION!!-Regeln-im-Startpost-beachten!/page28
  9. Little update from a WIP on Rashica: Apparently he is torn at the moment. He is not convinced of both cities. Villa offer more money, but he would rather join Leipzig because of Champions League football. Apparently his plan for now is to do the next step in his carreer before he feels ready for bigger clubs. But Leipzigs offer is so insanely bad, that Baumann (our manager) not only has rejected it, but has completely walked away and is no longer talking to RB. Apparently Arsenal has shown interest at some moment, but that‘s it.
  10. Seeing this, makes me remember. I was in Birmingham once. It was 4 years ago. The one time, I was walking beneath Old Joe, it actually chimed 3 seconds later. That was a near miss! ^^
  11. I quickly went through all instas (I might have forgotten some) and none of them has posted anything. But it is known that they leave for the training camp in Zillertal in Austria today. Edit: Ah, seeing the twitter post now.
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