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  1. Elton

    John McGinn

    I have more than a hunch that he’s a top professional, as shown by 90% of his performances for us. Even Smith remarked recently that he likes the quiet life away from the pitch. Not all Scots are like Ross MacCormack.
  2. I think the noises coming out before the Liverpool game are Smith not wanting to show his hand to our opponents. He went onto say Grealish was still feeling pain and wouldn’t play unless he was 100% fit. He also said he was yet to train as of Fridays press conference.
  3. Not correct. He failed a fitness test before Liverpool as Smith said after that game, which is why he didn’t play.
  4. Elton

    Henri Lansbury

    Fully agree, I’d like to see him get a chance as he carries a goal threat. Not sure who misses out though, so glad I’m not the manager.
  5. No need for panic, as poor as we were in the 1st half today, we lost by one goal away to a team who are highly rated by pundits. Last home game we were 5 minutes away from beating the Champions of Europe, both with our best player out injured.. We are fully capable of beating half the teams in this league and we’ll be fine and will also strengthen in January.
  6. Elton

    Ørjan Nyland

    Decent game, he’s always been excellent with his feet and a good shot stopper, just prone to the odd howler..
  7. Haters gonna hate. He’s one of our better players today. Good goal.
  8. Playing much better now, no real goal threat though..
  9. Can’t underestimate the affect losing Grealish has with retaining the ball and drawing fouls, especially in games like this. Huge miss.
  10. Shame we’ve been forced into early subs but then looking at bench, not many game changers in there. Lansbury maybe?
  11. Elton

    Scott Hogan

    He was injured in the warm up of their previous match. Although who knows if he’ll make their squad when fit. Their new manager may prefer a striker that does something.
  12. No, fixtures don’t work like that. It’ll be Liverpool away/Man U home, so one tough, one very easy.
  13. Smith says he is 50/50 for Wolves and hasn’t trained yet, so seems unlikely he’ll play.
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