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  1. Pathetic and hysterical again. Why you need to attack me for a reasonable opinion is just weird. Stop being a troll and grow up.
  2. It’s literally not the end the world if he was out.. He may have had good reason for all we know. You literally said people like me are responsible for the lockdown extending just because I’m not ready to lynch him, which is hysterical and pathetic.
  3. So now your judging me too, lol! I’m not sure what else to say really, quite unbelievable..
  4. I hate it when we rush to judgment just because they play for a football team we support.
  5. I will wait and see what the facts are before judging him. Putting it politely I think most of us wouldn’t want him in our quiz team so some poor judgement isn’t that surprising. Just being outside and a bad driver isn’t the end of the world. Let’s hope that’s all it is. Although in the current climate I’m less bothered than I would have been a few weeks ago.
  6. Yes, that’s often the case though isn’t it until the tide turns. Not saying whose right and wrong as I obviously have no idea. No one really knows the true picture until the mass antibody testing starts.
  7. So you don’t understand my point. That’s fine. I also don’t remember stating my preference for liberty over deaths? A lot of scientists believe the long term, the costs of economic disaster will be greater than the lives saved (or frankly probably just extended by a few weeks or months in many cases) due to suicide, alcoholism, murder, abuse etc. We let many people die every year by not locking down free movement for influenza. I’m not stating my preference. I guess your preference is no one on the planet should leave the house every winter or are you happy to accept those avoidable deaths? How many is too many for you? A lot of influenza deaths aren’t even recorded as such. We are yet to know how much worse Covid 19 is than a typical influenza season. So far in the UK overall deaths are down on the last 5 year average. I expect this will change but how much is to be determined and no one can answer this yet. A lot of scientists/modellers are starting to question the lockdowns and if they are worthwhile. That’s the point I am raising. I don’t know the answer, I’m just discussing and speculating. I have close family in vulnerable groups Nick, I’m not looking to kill them off. Go and judge someone else.
  8. Looking at the current modelling, the peak in the UK now expected around 12 April. Even if the peak extends for a few weeks before tailing off, it’s possible restrictions on general life will be relaxed some time in late April or possibly May. I just can’t see these restrictions going on for much more than a month as it’s not sustainable and the long term costs could outweigh the benefits. Although even if we can go out again and shops and pubs etc reopens, it’s likely mass gatherings will be amongst the last on the list to get the all clear but it does still allow the possibility of a late May or early June restart, even if behind closed doors. Much depends on how patient the PL will be. Once we’re in the peak the PL will feel more pressure to void the season. This is preferable to playing behind closed doors, which will disproportionately disadvantage us.
  9. We as a society still need to weigh up if the prize is worth the cost though and to do that we need more accurate data. This article is worth a look. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-51979654
  10. That mortality rate is a bit off though. Even the worst case scenario in the UK with no social distancing etc was around 500 000. We don’t know the true mortality rate yet but it’s highly likely to be well below 1%. Hopefully 0.0something. Current projections seem to peak in UK about 5 April and around 5700 deaths here. Although without herd immunity, a 2nd/3rd wave etc remains likely. As such I think policy will be to allow lockdown to end and then probably enforce it again as cases pick up again in autumn. PL has no real chance of planning anything. No one really cares now about the PL so they can void it without any negative press if that’s what they care about.
  11. 43 COVID19 deaths in UK today (or last 24 hours). About half of the figure of the day before. Lowest death rate for a week and ‘lockdown’ wouldn’t have had an affect yet due to lag. Only 1 day but still encouraging. Some reports that deaths in Italy classed as COVID19 when deceased had other serious health issues that may have been cause of death. Not playing down seriousness but maybe things will turn quicker than we have been led to expect (again hopeful speculation).
  12. Yes, from what I understand (probably not a lot) the reported headline does rely on modelling based on very speculative data. I prefer to believe good news so I retain some optimism. As let’s face it months of lock down is soul destroying even if not personally affected by the virus. However, I do think that some of the worse case scenarios will be way off. The cruise ship (which was a virus incubator) is a good example here as the mortality rate wasn’t that high considering the age and health profile of the passengers. So far 20 000? deaths worldwide, of course this will go way up but will it be significantly worse than a bad flu season? I guess we’ll see. If it isn’t much worse the worldwide lockdowns will be heralded as a success. I agree though, no chance of sport in the next few weeks. If cases dry up in late spring/early summer things could change. Obviously I’m only speculating.
  13. The Oxford University study that theorises that about 2/3rds of the UK population has already been infected is starting to gain more traction in the media. If the antibody mass testing comes along quickly and supports this study I guess life and football may get back to normal quickly, if this turns out to similar to a normal bad flu season. Obviously that would be extremely good news and if it sounds to good to be true, there is of course a heavy price to pay, which would be Liverpool winning the league..
  14. Depends if you value the ultimate prize better than promotion, possibly to be relegated again or get a round or 2 into a European comp. No one has achieved anything yet but Liverpool are by the far the closest. They are 99.9% there already and that is to win the biggest prize of the lot. To say they wouldn’t be the biggest victim is plain wrong in my view. Which is why void would be perfect.
  15. I get your point. Although nothing stopping UEFA inviting various clubs into comps based on current positions and leagues inviting teams to be promoted with no relegation. This has been widely discussed. There is no magical solution unless the leagues can restart with fans in stadiums within weeks, which isn’t possible Liverpool would clearly be the biggest victims and it wouldn’t be their fault, this time..
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