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  1. In that case he’ll be the only person in human history that would rather stay in Stoke.
  2. As did we but Davis and Kodjia. Agree we needed another forward though. It’s being put right now and it’s not too late. I know you’re a glass half broken kind of guy but we can’t go back in time and this has been a good window in very difficult circumstances.
  3. Having just watched his interview, he isn’t short of confidence. Woodward asked about starting like Benteke and he said he wanted to do better than Benteke did with us. About time we had more characters, Samatta and Reina both seem big personalities, which is much needed.
  4. Very true. As not many teams lost their starting forward, keeper and 2nd best midfielder through injury.
  5. Just thought I’d beat the rush to give Suso congratulations on a fantastic January to date. (I doubt there will be any other PL clubs that have managed to buy 3 regular starters in this window.)
  6. Never heard of him until a week ago and haven’t watched any YouTube highlights yet but this feels like a really good signing. The January expectations of Simon Dawkins and Grant Holt have been massively surpassed.
  7. A little bit like El Ghazi? If we wanted any old forward we could have recalled Hogan and Hepburn-Murphy. Smith obviously knows that playing El Ghazi or Vassilev is a better option and probably Nyland up front would be too. Hopefully Davis will finally be fit soon and we’ll have 2/3 actually decent forwards to play the last 14 matches rather than panicking early and buying 2 crap ones for 17 matches that we maybe could have persuaded some league 2 clubs to sell for 10 million each.
  8. I agree that they both should be doing better but West Ham’s upcoming fixtures are as bad as you can get. I would be surprised if they are not in the bottom 3 by the end of March. If we beat Watford on Tuesday they would have to be massively deflated to find themselves back in the relegation zone again after their great run so I wouldn’t rule them out just yet. This could be wishful thinking of course!
  9. I don’t remember saying we’ll lose? In fact I kind of implied we shouldn’t be overly fearful of that game. They will have won the league by then and will be playing their kids whilst resting up for a CL match.
  10. Guess you stopped watching after the first half. Liverpool away won’t be the reason we survive or get relegated.
  11. I actually said the option was his.. Not that a think we’ll sign him anyway. I don’t expect that at all unless he can’t find a more attractive option.
  12. Presumably there is no reason he couldn’t sign a 6 month ‘permanent’ deal with an option for another year that he could trigger if we stay up. This would still leave him as a free agent in the summer if he wishes.
  13. Fair enough. I have nothing against Engels, I agree he started well but we are stronger in the air defensively now, which in the main is Hause coming in.
  14. Yes, Martinez praised him and hinted at a call up but at his press conference he said he decided not to call up Engels and said he wasn’t fully fit. Engels then played in our next game anyway (Palace away I think). Smith later came out and said he had a hip problem. One of those injuries that won’t stop him playing but could compromise his performance.
  15. I must have watched 95% of all games Yorke played for us. I think there is merit in both comments. He was always good but he did really excel in his last couple of years for us when he was moved centrally and his game went up a level. However, Jack stands out more for me as Yorke had much better players around him. Jack gets the full treatment from the opposition and he often has to deal with 2/3/4 players surrounding him when he’s on the ball, whilst carrying us almost single handedly. Jack’s control of a football as he moves is the best I have ever seen. Now he is adding goals he is up there with the best I have seen play for the club. I wouldn’t swap him for any other current premier league player and certainly none in his age range. Those that said he was behind the likes of Mason Mount, which is ludicrous (that’s includes you Southgate) weren’t paying attention but they are now.
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