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  1. Also - I frankly think our results since the break have disguised a lot poorer form. We really did not deserve a point from Brighton at all. 3 points against Arsenal and Southampton, where a point arguably would have been fair for both sides. Burnley we should have got something for sure. Newcastle is the only team we've played where we've played comfortably better. West Ham battered us. Through sheer defensive effort/goalkeeping masterclass we have managed to get 10 points there from 7 games, when on reflection we probably should have had 6. That's near or around relegation
  2. El Ghazi must be wondering what he has to do to get a look-in when he scored five bloody goals in December in LF, Jack can play in the No.10 role and Barkley has not had a good run of games for a while now. Surely the blinkers must be taken off to let the rest of the team have a go. Even Nakamba has arguably done better in minutes-to-performance than any of the other midfielders, and he can't get back in. If we play to the same level we did against Brighton vs Leicester, we will get humped. I do love the upside of Barkley (clearly a ferocious talent when on fire) but he has to s
  3. It's a bit mad really if you think about it. There is nobody in the current squad I'd rather have take a shot just outside the area, and there's nobody in the current squad I'd rather take a set piece than Conor. It's a shame that his style doesn't work with the fast pace style that Smith is looking for (and succeeding in) but I do think there's a good acquisition there for a few PL clubs for sure.
  4. I've loved Conor. He has been a great signing for us and it'll be a shame to see him go. He's just not fitting in the way Smith wants us to play. I can imagine his immense set pieces could lead to Andy Carroll getting a few goals up at Newcastle. If he does go he leaves with his head held high and nothing but the best of wishes from us.
  5. If Barkley doesn't play in this one, he will only have one PL game available to play in until the 13th January. For me he has to start if he is fit, especially as we have a game two days after which we will need to be incredibly fit and raring to go for. El Ghazi and Traore played well against a ten-man Baggies, but both will likely be needed to start against Chelsea 48 hours later given Trez isn't back. Let's not look a gifthorse in the mouth here...
  6. We need to get Louie Barry out playing proper football.
  7. Luiz didn't play well for the first half of the season. I assume now you'd marry him.
  8. We have the Brighton game and then nothing for 9 days. Let's ensure the boys get rest in the days leading up to it and then give their all for this before a well-deserved break, hopefully after a win. My biggest concern is on McGinn who looked shattered vs Leeds and has arguably had a much tougher time of it flying all around the place and giving his all in actual competitive games for Scotland rather than Jack who has had basically two friendlies where he took the piss in both.
  9. I really don't think we can judge Wesley entirely on one half season where the team around him were utterly shite. Replacing Hourihane and El Ghazi in the XI behind him with Barkley and an advanced Grealish, not to mention Luiz 2.0 over Nakamba, will give him a lot more opportunity than just the hoofball rubbish we ended up doing in the first half of last season. The lad scored a few goals, started looking decent after acclimatising to British football and then got taken out. Watkins has been fantastic yes, but IMO Wes provides a very different option which, on the couple of occasions we ha
  10. Sheff Utd fan I know says they've simply been figured out this year and that they are playing very similar to last season. I think this year could be an all time low for points to stay up. 34pts is the record (WBA). 4th from bottom is currently tracking at 19pts...
  11. I agree. If he comes back knackered it will ruin our flow. I don't think it helped in the Leeds games at all. Ridiculous that certain "name" players can sack off games at international level and the engine of our team comes back knackered every time.
  12. It is not his fault. Someone has to be the 26th best player of 26 players.
  13. Anyone looking to criticise Jack for anything is literally looking for perfection. IMO he's the best player in the PL on current form and he's still got his prime to come. Arguably now he is the Villa GOAT of the last 20 years, on a level reaching McGrath and Yorke for what he's done for us.
  14. Well, thanks very much for Barkley. I hope we can take him off your hands for a somewhat reasonable price at the end of the season..! Even if he has a stonking season at VP I can't see him getting regularly into the Chelsea lineup, can you?
  15. No blame on Lansbury here. If I was in a job and they said I could stay and figure out what I wanted to do next with no time pressures for a few months of course I'd take it. Especially with kids of school age. Hope he goes to a decent Championship club and finds the form that made us buy him in the first place. Always seems to be a good character in the dressing room.
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