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  1. I would lose control of my bowels if Milner came back. Fittest player over 30 in the league, he's a phenomenal athlete and I utterly adored the man when he was with us. He did love his time at Villa, but I'd assume the next step would be at his hometown club and ride into the sunset. What a great asset in the locker room he would be too. This is almost as bad as Edouard in the dream category.
  2. McGinn is one of our best talents. Give him time to get back to the form we all know he is capable of.
  3. It's the first real game of a brand new season. Burton (A) doesn't count, particularly as it had half the team. Sheff Utd already had their first PL game, so had a pretty decent advantage. We got three points. Looked comfortable, if not immediately threatening. We would have absolutely ripped arms off for this last year.
  4. I knew this would never come off. It literally would be too good to be true.
  5. "We've written 310 pages about you, I fainted three times!"
  7. Grealish signing a new contract is the best signing we could make. I am overjoyed. Go on Jack.
  8. Lyon are a much bigger club than us at this point. The level of the player is higher than what we are used to, based off previous seasons (not just the last one, like James). It's exactly the same type of scenario. We scraped staying up by the skin of our teeth last year and were 7pts adrift at one point. Lyon are CL regulars and got to the semi last year. A dose of reality is needed here.
  9. So now you are discrediting another team's fans' opinion when it suits your argument?
  10. How so? A club's fans weren't happy with him and were delighted to go. He moves abroad to a "lesser club" with more than a few fans concerned at why he's taking the step down, if he's lost it etc, and now he's looking to be an incredibly shrewd signing who took a top team apart on his debut.
  11. Real Madrid fans were delighted to get rid of James Rodriguez and he just played Spurs off the park on Sunday.
  12. We aren't getting rid of him.
  13. Why? There's no cast iron guarantee he'd be better in a higher division. And if he doesn't want to come and would prefer to stay in London, then there's no point in even considering him. In his entire career (which has always been at the top level in Holland, England or France), Traore has a goal or assist every 166 minutes. We don't have anybody in our front line who can say that. He's 25. I'm conscious this may be a trolljob but either way - it's odd.
  14. I'd rather have that than see Trez miscontrol half the balls he gets, and watch El Ghazi miss more chances from 4 yards out. He's an upgrade. Upgrades are what we want.
  15. Who would you sign instead, villalad?
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